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Electrical Overview

Electrical Overview

Grand Light’s electrical capabilities are often an essential part of the restoration & custom lighting process. Utilizing only UL listed products, Grand Light strives to ensure only the highest quality of standards go into finalizing each lighting fixture; from the rewiring of luminaires, to the installation of modern lamp technology, and the custom conversion of gas powered fixtures to electric. 

Using the explicit instructions provided by custom specifications, our technicians transform concepts into finished products incorporating the highest regard for accuracy. 

Our electrical capabilities include:

Grand Light’s technicians inspect and document any electrical deficiencies on every lighting fixture prior to any electrical component replacement and rewiring.

Project documentation, submittals, and reports are made available to clients for approval including work scope, schedule, record of materials, special provisions, and evaluation recommendations based on a lighting fixture’s electrical integrity.

Grand Light offers comprehensive retrofit kits for upgrading existing historic luminaire to take full advantage of modern LED, CFL, HID, and induction lamping technology.

Luminaire retrofitting consists of updating the lamps, wiring, and components to provide ease of maintenance, improve lumen performance, maximize lifetime rating, and significantly reduce maintenance and operating costs by reducing energy consumption.

Grand Light wiring technicians incorporate premium sockets, tinned wiring leads, copper wiring, secured grounds, multiple strain relief, and enclose in color matching fiberglass sheath.

Grand Light standard practice is to perform multiple UL tests on all electrical components and systems to ensure compliance with UL Standards for luminaires.

Additional Capabilities & Services

Our lighting restoration and custom lighting capabilities include research for historic accuracy, drawings, mock-ups, metal fabrication, polishing, painting, hot and cold patina application, welding, abrasive blasting, refinishing metal components, glass fabrication, replacing all electrical components, rewiring and testing in accordance with UL standards.

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