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Mechanical Overview

Mechanical Overview

Grand Light’s mechanical capabilities are an essential part of the restoration & custom lighting process. Utilizing only the best materials, Grand Light strives to ensure only the highest quality of standards go into crafting each lighting fixture; from minor components to the complete fabrication of full sized lanterns or other custom lighting fixtures.

Using the explicit instructions provided by custom drawings, our factory staff then transform concepts into finished products incorporating the highest regard for accuracy.

Our mechanical capabilities include:

Grand Light’s technicians inspect and document any mechanical flaws or damage on every lighting fixture prior to any mechanical repair, replacement, or modification.

Project documentation, submittals, and reports are made available to clients for approval including work scope, schedule, record of materials, special provisions, and evaluation recommendations based on a lighting fixture’s mechanical integrity.


Grand Light metalsmiths have decades of experience fabricating a wide range of raw materials including aluminum, iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, etc. Grand Light strives to ensure only the highest quality of standards go into crafting each lighting fixture.

Our metalsmiths fabricate these materials by hand forging or producing components utilizing the lost wax and sand casting processes. Our custom cast metal fixtures offer complex design, quality, and durability.

With standards and quality among the highest in the industry, Grand Light’s artisans are capable of offering mouth blown glass, flat glass, and a full range of glass fabricating services including glass bending, lapping, cutting, edging, and polishing.

Grand Light utilizes custom precision machined and hand-cutting techniques to replicate, restore, or fabricate new glass components for your custom lighting or lighting restoration project. Our artisans can virtually match or replicate any glass shape, size, and pattern.

Grand Light incorporates many methods of metal repair and rejoining. These methods include MIG, TIG welding, and low temperature metal joining techniques such as brazing and soldering. 

Our craftsmen have years of experience utilizing various metal bonding techniques, resulting in the highest quality custom lighting fabrications and historic lighting repairs and modifications.

Additional Capabilities & Services

Our lighting restoration and custom lighting capabilities include research for historic accuracy, drawings, mock-ups, metal fabrication, polishing, painting, hot and cold patina application, welding, abrasive blasting, refinishing metal components, glass fabrication, replacing all electrical components, rewiring and testing in accordance with UL standards.

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