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Attica Prison Wall Lanterns Restoration Completed

Restoration of Attica Prison Wall Lanterns Completed

Attica, New York (March 24, 2009) – Grand Light, a Connecticut based restorer of historic and antique lighting fixtures, recently completed the restoration and modification of  two large wall mounted outdoor lanterns from the front gate of the well-known Attica Correctional Facility in Attica, New York.

Attica Prison LanternsThe maximum security prison, built in 1931, has held some of the country’s most dangerous inmates including Mark David Chapman, Willie “The Actor” Sutton, Kendall Francois, and Colin Ferguson.

The lanterns, which are located on the right and left side of the entry door of the front gate, are two of the first things people are likely to see when entering the prison. They were custom built to match the facade of the building, and had seen extensive wear and tear from exposure to the weather.

The two lanterns were bead blasted, then fabrication of the custom designed backplates, reflectors and bottom doors were necessary to meet the requirements of the project. The custom backplates were fabricated from brass plate so they would withstand the weather elements, and the bottom doors were fabricated from aluminum plate to match the finish of the fixtures. All fasteners were either brass or stainless steel.

Once the custom back plates were completed, the lanterns underwent light output testing and it was determined that (2) 26-watt lamps were necessary rather than (1) 42-watt which was specified.

Grand Light completely restored the lantern frames to their original condition, and then customized the fixture back plates and updated the electrical wiring while incorporating (2) 26w CFL lamps and outdoor rated electronic ballasts. The lamp location on each back plate reflector was designed to optimize light output. Additionally, a clear seeded glass was selected and then bead blasted on the reverse side to reduce glare and shadows. Additional damages on the lanterns included several large dents, a missing bottom door on each lantern, and six of the original cast aluminum rosettes were lost.

New doors were fabricated with glass insets for additional down light and exact replications of the missing rosettes were cast. Body shop techniques were utilized to remove several large indentations in both lanterns prior application of UV resistant clear coat.

“Given the notoriety of the prison stemming from the 1971 riot, and the prominent placement of the lanterns on the main front gate of the facility, it was an interesting project to tackle” said Ryan Stockman, Project Manager at Grand Light.

After a complete testing and inspection of weather resistancy and illumination levels, heat dissipation, electrical and mechanical components, the lanterns were photographed, crated, and shipped back to Attica prison for another term of service.

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