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Awards & Accolades

Grand Light is honored to be recognized as an award-winning lighting restorer and custom lighting manufacturer for our outstanding commitment to delivering quality results.

Through the dedication, hard work, skills, and capabilities of our entire project teams – including our clients, artisans, engineers, technicians, and Grand Light staff – our projects have been consistently recognized by leading design, construction, and architectural organizations.

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Qualifying Projects

Preservation League of NYS - Excellence in Historic Preservation Award 2017

Presented To: Ryan Stockman, New Grand Light, LLC

“We are delighted to celebrate the rebirth of the historic Hotel Syracuse as the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, and to commend all members of the project team for their leadership and vision.”

Grand Light has been selected to restore numerous historic iron, crystal and plaster chandeliers, plaster wall sconces, and ceiling flush mounts from the Grand Ballroom, Lobby, and Persian Terrace. The refurbishment and subsequent return of these historic lighting fixtures marks a significant event in this landmark’s history and an important indication of the renovated hotel’s progress towards completion

Traditional Building Magazine - Historic Hotel Syracuse Saved

Published: Aug 11, 2016

“Grand Light of Seymour, CT, had the very challenging task of taking down, refurbishing, rewiring and replicating the amazing array of chandeliers located in the Persian Terrace, Grand Ball Room, and Main Lobby. The chandeliers in each location were originally fabricated using a wide range of different materials, including plaster, brass, bronze and steel, which required the Grand Light artisans to use a considerable variety of restoration techniques.”

“For the chandeliers in the Grand Ballroom, thousands of crystal beaded strands were replicated using Austrian crystal. A key element in the restoration of both the old and new fixtures was to ensure that all of the colors applied during this process were historically accurate and matched the originals, as well as complement the colors of the ornate murals in the hotel.” - FULL SPECIAL: Carrie Lazarus Presents Extraordinary: Hotel Syracuse

Published: Jun 21, 2016

The restored and custom chandeliers, along with Grand Light’s own Ryan Stockman, were recently featured on a Special Report by Carrie Lazarus, “Extraordinary: Hotel Syracuse”, chronicling the progress and renovation of the Marriott Syracuse Downtown.

“From the moment you walk into the new entrance on East Onondaga Street, you are transported back to 1924, and the original grandeur of the hotel. The lobby looks just like it did in the heyday of this landmark.”

“From the restoration efforts, to historical significance to the memories that so many locals hold dear, the former Hotel Syracuse is truly extraordinary.” 

New Haven Register - 'Artisans' Work Immortalized'

Published: Mar 14, 2016

“Grand Light, at 104 Day St., spent the last year breathing new life into dozens of historical light fixtures that once adorned the lobby, grand ballroom, terraces and hallways of the former Hotel Syracuse.”

“It has been an honor working on these historic lighting fixtures,” said Stockman. “This project required a significant amount of time, cooperation, and commitment from our team of lighting restoration artisans. While we are sad to see them go, they belong with the hotel, and in essence, a piece of us will remain in the hotel forever.”

“Grand Light takes pride in every project that it participates in, however, the historical relevance, prominence, and scale of this job is definitely a legacy project for our company,” Stockman said. “Those lighting fixtures existed before us and will remain long after, so it quite an honor to have our artisans’ work immortalized.”

Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation - 2017 Connecticut Preservation Merit Award

Presented To: Kronenberger & Son Restoration, JCJ Architecture with Building Conservation Associates and Hoffmann Architects

“The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation Merit Award acknowledges the outstanding work by the project team in arresting the deterioration of the Courthouse and preserving its exterior and significant architectural features.”

Grand Light was selected to refinish the massive courthouse doors. These giant cast and plate doors are over 8 ft tall and are estimated to weigh well over 800 pounds each. The restoration of these doors included repairing and filling holes, removing all aged finish, and an application of a new beautiful red rust patina. Grand Light created a special recipe to replicate the original red rust hot patina finish.

In addition to refinishing the courthouse doors, Grand Light finished entry door replications and restored large exterior lanterns from the New Haven Courthouse.

Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation - 2017 Connecticut Preservation Merit Award

Presented To: Knight Architecture LLC

“The Connecticut Trust was impressed with the recent renovation of the Yale Center for British Art that updated tired finishes and worn-out systems in one of the world’s great buildings while hewing faithfully to Louis Kahn’s original design.”

Grand Light was selected to replicate one of the existing historic pendant light fixtures which is original to the architecture of the building. The pendant is a spun, tapered aluminum, shade which was anodized further enhancing the characteristics to the hand spun part. 

In addition to historic pendant replications, Grand Light designed and fabricated custom aluminum LED exit sign replications of existing historic exit signs while also retrofitting those exit signs original to the architecture of the building.

Cambridge Historical Commission - Cambridge Preservation Award 2016

Presented To: KieranTimberlake

“The program celebrates outstanding historic preservation projects and the commitment of the individuals that make Cambridge a more attractive and desirable place in which to live and work.”

Grand Light’s project scope included the restoration of eighty-eight lighting fixtures ranging from large chandeliers, wall sconces, ceiling mounted fixtures, pendant lights, and exterior lanterns. Our artisans utilized different restoration techniques, including conservation of the existing finishes and complete refinishing, including cleaning and hand polishing of crystal and silver components.

This project also required thirty custom replications of large exterior lanterns and wall brackets fabricated in iron with seeded glass panels frosted on the inside via glass bead media blasting. Our extended life exterior satin black finish was applied incorporating (2) primer coats, (2) top color coats, and (3) protective coats of UV resistant Incralac lacquer.

Cambridge Historical Commission - Cambridge Preservation Award 2016

Presented To: MIT

“Because of the building’s unique circumstances, the project required a broad-based “design-assist” approach involving the collaborative work of many design and fabrication specialists.”

AIA New England Regional Council - Honor Award Historic Preservation + Adaptive Reuse 2016

Presented To: EYP, Inc.

“The American Institute of Architects has a long tradition of recognizing individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievements in support of the profession of architecture and the AIA.”

Grand Light restored sixty-seven historic exterior downlights. Each downlight was received by Grand Light with significant staining to the current finish. In addition to finish deterioration, inspection of each downlight revealed significant metal rot on a large number of the fixtures. Additional metal work was required to repair and/or replace the corroded metal to match existing components.

Cambridge Historical Commission - Cambridge Preservation Award 2016

Presented To: MIT

“The project team worked carefully with design and fabrication specialists, including glass restoration artisans, to restore the concrete, waterproofing, ornamental steel, and leaded glass in one of the most visited buildings on the MIT campus.”

AIA New England Regional Council - Honor Award Historic Preservation + Adaptive Reuse 2016

Presented To: EYP, Inc.

“The American Institute of Architects has a long tradition of recognizing individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievements in support of the profession of architecture and the AIA.”

Grand Light was selected to restore and modify the exterior and interior fixtures. The restoration of these historic fixtures included cleaning, repair of any mechanical deficiencies, removal of existing paint, an application of a new refinish with a UV resistant protective top coat. In addition to restoration, Grand Light technicians modified the fixtures to incorporate LED technology.

Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation - 2016 Connecticut Preservation Merit Award

Presented To: Wadsworth Atheneum, Smith Edwards McCoy Architects, Consigli, CES Mechanical Engineers, Macchi Engineers, George Sexton Associates, Stephen Saitis Designs, Jack Design

“A high profile statement about the value of historic preservation for a prominent institution to meet the never-ending needs for more space, better environmental controls, and more storage.”

Grand Light was selected to restore seven original luminaires from the Wadsworth Atheneum. The restoration of these historic fixtures included cleaning all dust and surface corrosion, lightly burnish and blend to existing patina, and the application of museum grade wax.

In addition to restoring historic luminaires, Grand Light fabricated replications of a historic wall sconce based on a 1910 photograph. The replication process included the fabrication of custom mold castings for each component and an application of patina to closely match original luminaire finish.

AIA New Hampshire - Excellence In Architecture Design Merit Award 2013

Presented To: ARC (Architectural Resources Cambridge) and Harvey Construction Corp.

“Phillips Hall is a wonderful example of how we, as architects, can bring the absolute highest systems thinking to bear as a way of preserving architectural and cultural heritage for generations to come.”

This project included a total of twelve historic fixtures. There are five exterior fixtures and seven interior fixtures. All of these fixtures were cleaned and the original finishes were conserved. All of the fixtures received repairs to mechanical defects and were rewired to UL standards utilizing modern lamp technologies.

AIA Awards - Honor Award: Architecture 2013

Presented To: KieranTimberlake

“It is sensitive to the resources and shows real attention to detail—great use of materials, lighting dynamics, and spatial results.”

The New Haven Preservation Trust - Landmark Plaque For Extraordinary Devotion To Preservation

Presented To: Yale University

“For buildings or sites of outstanding and enduring architectural and historical significance.”

Grand Light was selected to completely restore and modify a large number of the original fixtures from the two schools, beginning with Morse College. These fixtures included multiple bronze sconces, bronze chandeliers, exterior poles and luminaires, library lights, and numerous massive bronze outdoor lighting fixtures. The fixtures were designed by Oliver Andrews, a well known and respected California sculptor, author and educator at UCLA. His designs, abstract in nature, where intended to be contemporary versions of what he considered “the sort of thing you’d find in an ancient castle”.

New Hampshire Preservation Alliance - Preservation Achievement Award 2010

Presented To: United Congregational Church of Orford

“The N.H. Preservation Alliance recognized the Town of Orford and others for their efforts to protect a significant New England landmark.”

In the summer of 2006, the church’s ceiling collapsed causing a large chandelier to fall to the floor. While reviewing the damage an exciting discovery was made.  Entombed in a closed-off section of the bell tower, lay the partial frame of a different 67-inch dodecagonal gothic-style chandelier. This original gas-mirrored reflector chandelier was made circa 1854-1870 and was likely used in the church during an earlier time. Rather than restore the destroyed chandelier, Grand Light’s artisans restored & modified the newly discovered frame and fabricated the missing components to restore the fixture to its original form.

Connecticut Building Congress - 2010 Project Team Awards First Place For Major Renovation/Expansion

Presented To: Yale University, Dimeo Construction Company, and Newman Architects

“The Connecticut Building Congress recognizes outstanding building projects that exemplify project team excellence and represent the best practices in teamwork by project owners, architects, engineers, constructors and trades.”

Due to the work previously done for Yale University by Grand Light, and the high level of satisfaction with the restoration of numerous lighting fixtures including the Marquand Chapel chandeliers, Dwight Hall pendants, and the Divinity School chandelier, our team of artisans were called in to begin the extensive lighting restoration job.

New Haven Register - Let There Be Light

Published: Mar 13, 2010

“Grand Light, 580 Grand Ave., New Haven, is in the final stages of restoring and replicating the historic lights for Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The light fixtures date back to 1918, and include  158 gothic-style pendant luminaries, of which 28 are being replicated, as well as 40 larger lights of the same style.”

“The business is inspecting the lights, repairing mechanical defects, replacing electrical components and doing rewiring work. Previously installed plastic panels are being replaced with historically accurate glass, and undamaged original glass panels are being cleaned and reused. Old Faithful Lodge is part of the Old Faithful Historic District.”

New Haven Register - Spiffed-Up Shubert

Published: Sep 9, 2009

“Steve Stockman, one of the owners of Grand Light, who oversaw the light restoration, repaired and replaced the marbelized colored glass panels and fixtures, modernized the wiring and temperature-tested them both in the shop and on site.”

“Stockman told Kaplan that part of the damage to the metal on the light fixtures was from the heat from the bulbs that were being used in the fixtures. In 1914, those were 25-watt bulbs, then 100 and recently reduced to 60.”

AIA Connecticut - Design Award 2003

Presented To: R.M. Kliment & Frances Halsband Architects

“The design manages to make the building habitable with code changes and new distributions of space, but is very respectful to the original architecture.”

Faith & Form/IFRAA International Awards Program for Religious Art & Architecture - 2003 Restoration Honor Award

Presented To: R.M. Kliment & Frances Halsband Architects

“This award recognizes a creative use of craft, technology, research and new-meets-old concepts without sacrificing the original intent of the architecture.”

When the school needed several massive twelve-arm iron and brass chandeliers restored, a careful touch and appreciation for historical accuracy made Grand Light’s restoration experts the most suitable team for the job.

AIA Connecticut - Design Award 2002

Presented To: Perry Dean Rogers and Partners Architects

“Meticulous preservation and restoration paired with inventive, newly discovered contemporary space.”

Grand Light was selected to design a custom wrought-iron chandelier for the college during the renovation project. The leaded glass cylinders on the five-foot diameter chandelier were designed to match other existing fixtures in the building.

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