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Historic Lighting Energy Efficient Retrofitting

Light Energy Calculation

Your electricity bill is largely based on your energy consumption. Older bulbs, such as incandescent bulbs, are proven to use more energy but produce less light than an LED retrofit. In general, having historic lighting fixtures retrofitted may make the most sense to drastically decrease electric bills, energy consumption and increase the overall brightness of a room. 

To calculate how much energy your light bulbs consume, Grand Light considers a bulb’s wattage as well as how many lumens it gives off. In essence, “watt” refers to how much electrical energy a bulb uses as it produces light, where “lumens” are the amount of light produced.

Take for example, the difference between a typical Incandescent light vs. an LED bulb, shown below.
incandescent vs led bulb wattage and lumen comparison chart
Consumption, or the energy efficiency piece of this equation, is calculated by multiplying the amount of time a bulb is operated by its wattage, in kilowatts (kW). To convert a bulb’s wattage to kilowatts is a simple calculation. 1 W = 1,000 kW, so to go from W (watts) to kW (kilowatts), divide by 1,000. 
Compare the energy consumption of both light bulbs if they both were hypothetically operating for 100 hours. The light output and operation time remains the same, but the LED retrofit consumed 5.3 kWh less than the Incandescent bulb. 

incandescent vs led bulb energy comparison chart

Lighting Quality and Energy Efficiency Criteria

Grand Light’s energy efficient retrofitting capabilities increase the lighting quality of an area while minimizing energy consumption. The historic outer appearance of a fixture remains the same while the interior lighting system is upgraded to a brighter and more efficient model. When incandescent lamps are switched with an LED retrofit, the result is a room that is 3x brighter and uses half the electrical energy than before. Grand Light is ready to help you make the switch to a lighting system which pays itself off in energy savings within a few years.
incandescent vs led bulb energy efficiency comparison

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