Grand Light Background

Specification Development

Description of Work

To specify the scope of work required for a project, Grand Light carefully considers all provided information in addition to meticulous historical studies.
For new replications of existing and non-existing lighting, work shall include complete studies of photographs, drawings, and available historic information; allowing concise preparation and design of engineering drawings with complete bills of materials for the fabrication of each fixture.
Completed fixtures shall meet all applicable codes, NEC guidelines and UL procedures in accordance with the electrical contractor prior to installation.


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Techniques & Procedures

All Techniques and procedures are job-specific and generated based upon existing conditions, scope, materials, design intent, historic data, safety and general provisions.
Completed fixtures shall conform with all UL requirements and be labeled.

Quality Assurance

The Grand Light Difference extends beyond the restoration and manufacturing processes. Our word is our commitment and we strive to earn your trust. 
Work on historic lighting performed by Grand Light is backed by decades of experience and qualification. Upon request, we shall provide proof of comparable restoration and replication projects completed by personnel skilled in the processes and operations indicated. These requirements may include: Restoration Skills Demonstrated, Client Testimonials & Recommendations, Materials & Methods Used.
New and restored historic light fixtures and assembled components shall be wired and tested in accordance with UL standards. 

 Why Choose Grand Light 

  • Long Standing History of Successful, Award Winning Projects
  • Dedicated, Full-Time Project Management & Engineering Team
  • Artisans and Specialists with Decades of Experience
  • Extensive Background in Restoration, Manufacturing, and Design
  • Understanding of Large and Small Projects
  • Exceptional Client Communication and Customer Service
  • Committed to Safety without Compromise
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Product Handling, Labeling, Removal & Installation

Recommend job-specific handling, labeling, and transportation rules to avoid potentially hazardous situations or damage to personnel, property, or equipment. All loose components, damages/deficiencies, and component placement/alignment must be adequately labeled and/or documented prior to removal.


Grand Light refers to contract bid documents and survey condition reports in addition to shop drawings, product data, samples, and submission procedures in generating a comprehensive submittal package. Our submittals include work scope supplemented with in-depth analysis of existing pre-restoration conditions, computer models/renderings, and lighting control design/programming.
For custom replicated fixtures, Grand Light submits shop drawings indicating all details of mechanical and electrical construction.
For existing luminaires Grand Light provides shop drawings for structural modifications only indicating the project name, manufacturer, all materials, finishes, lamping, voltage, ballast information and mounting details.
Samples of shades, glass diffuser material, metals and metal finish samples are submitted for approval prior to proceeding with mock-ups.


Download Our Historic Lighting Restoration Guidelines:


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