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Grand Light Completes Clyde-Savannah School Chandelier Restoration

Grand Light Completes Clyde-Savannah School Chandelier Restoration

Grand Light has completed the restoration and the re-installation of this massive aging chandelier for the Clyde-Savannah School district. This massive chandelier hangs in the school’s auditorium and is 10′ tall x 8′ wide, and is estimated to weigh over 1,200 pounds. This 88 year old cast brass chandelier will be cleaned and rewired and will receive an application of a protective wax in order to revive the original luster. In addition to cleaning, re-wiring, and waxing the chandelier, it was noticed that the chandelier was suffering from major mechanical defects in the frame, causing the upper ring on the chandelier to have 1″ of sag. Grand Light had designed and fabricated custom structural braces, eliminating all current and future sag in this fixture.

Once Grand Light artisans had re-assembled the chandelier in shop, it was noticed that the outer ring was sagging. This sag was beginning to compromise other bronze components of the chandelier, as well as the main interior frame of the fixture.


The sag measured 1″ transferring the upper outer ring weight to the lower decorative cast components and interior frame.


In order to begin the correction of the sag, the grand light team had constructed a 7′ diameter, 2″ x 4″  frame around the fixture and lowered the upper ring on to this frame until the fixture sat at level.


Now with the frame sag corrected, Grand Light artisans fabricated custom braces of 1″ x 1″ box steel which would add additional support to the existing outriggers of the frame, which would transfer weight from the tips of the outriggers uni-formally back through the main frame.


Each of the custom braces were installed and shimmed as necessary to assure the sag is eliminated and the ring would hang straight.


Once the chandelier was lifted off of the 7″ diameter 2″ x 4″ frame that had been constructed to eliminate the sag, it was time to let the custom bracing do as it had been designed. Shown above are the results of the successful bracing. Shown above is the lower portion of the upper ring.


Shown above it the top portion of the upper ring. The bracing of the chandelier is a huge success.


All old wires were replaced and were rewired to Grand Light standards utilizing heat shrink tubing, nylon sheathing, and zip tied to assure there are no failures in the connections.


With all of the components cleaned, the fixture re-wired and hi-pot tested, and the major sag issue corrected, it is time for the fixture to be disassembled another time in order to ship it back to the the Clyde Savannah School for reassembly by the Grand Light artisans.


Shown is the fixture broken down for shipment. A special shipping crate is designed not only for the safe transport of this historical fixture, but will also serve as a cradle for getting the fixture into the building.


The special cradle was utilized as the seven man team prepared to lift the chandelier to maneuver it through the door to get it back into the auditorium.


After quite the extensive process to get the chandelier into the building, the fixture is reunited with the lifting cable and the process of reassembly begins.

Grand Light was thrilled to see this beautiful chandelier returned home.

More information regarding this project can be viewed online by clicking the link for Clyde-Savannah School Chandelier Restoration.

For further information regarding this project you may contact our project manager:

Ryan Stockman
800-922-1469 ext 110

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