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Columbia University Finial Casting Complete

Columbia University Finial Casting Complete

New Haven, CT – Grand Light was contracted by Columbia University to reproduce lighting components on existing lamp posts throughout the Morningside campus. Grand Light has cast bronze finial components for 15 of the existing lamp posts, which are replicated from an existing that was removed from one of the posts. Each finial is made up of 5 components: finial base, finial bottom, finial top, finial ball, and an eagle. A separate mold had been made for the casting of each part.

Once the casting were made from their molds, they are cleaned to remove any surface debris and are then chemically treated in order to replicate the verde finish on the existing components on the lamps on campus.


The components are then chemically treated to match the natural aging process of many of the existing components on campus.


Components after being chemically treated.


A close-up of the top eagle after it is chemically treated.


Components are then individually wrapped, crated, and delivered to the university by Grand Light Personnel.

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