Introducing The New Gold Standard For Exceptional, Unmatched Crystal Chandelier & Luminaire Commercial Cleaning Service

Grand Light’s Proprietary Hydrosonic Molecular Impact Cleaning System (HSMI)

Let Our Artisans Come To You. Grand Light specializes in large, complex crystal chandelier and commercial luminaire restoration services, including the utilization of state-of-the-art, on-site cleaning technologies. Using our engineered Hydrosonic Molecular Impact System (HSMI) and artisans, we’re able to eliminate decades of accumulated debris cost effectively, time sensitive, and without disruption or removal of existing luminaires.

What is HSMI? The Hydrosonic Molecular Impact System is Grand Light’s unique, proprietary method for intricate yet efficient light fixture cleaning processes. The HSMI System utilizes a 99% purified ultra-hot pressurized dry vapor steam whose natural properties explosively loosen dirt, grease, grime, nicotine staining and more – all with no added chemicals.

Our system includes powerful continuous super high steam production up to 369 degrees Fahrenheit with an integrated wet vacuum system insuring residual moisture and debris extraction. Purified dry vapor steam and integrated vacuum system guarantees spot free crystals and fixture frames.

Our dedicated artisans will perform HSMI service at your property whenever required, efficiently, cost effectively, and with no mess or disruption to activities or surrounding objects. Our compact equipment is able to fit through any passageway, and environmentally friendly.



Process and Equipment:
  • Ultrasonic commercial system
  • Dry vapor steam commercial system
  • Six stage reverse osmosis purified water system
  • Real time TDS level monitor
  • Static free Hydro Sonic Molecular Impact (HSMI) delivery system
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly, and chemical free
  • 5x faster than traditional cleaning methods
  • Eliminates more than 99% bacteria, mold, and germs
Uniquely Qualified On-Site Staff:
  • OSHA 30 construction safety and health certification
  • Aerial work platform operator certification
  • Decades of experience
  • Cleaning services, metal finishing, re-wiring, UL testing, restoration, crystal repair, assembly, disassembly, etc.
  • Luminaire condition report to include inventory of any damaged or missing components or glass, noticeable structural deficiencies, electrical assessment, material analysis, and finish conditions upon completion
Experience The HSMI Advantage For Yourself:

The HSMI Impact

Check out award-winning results utilizing our HSMI System for a wide range of projects from around the country. To discuss our on-site commercial crystal chandelier and other light fixture cleaning capabilities in more detail, please call us at 1-800-922-1469 or use our Contact Form.

Restored Crystal Chandelier Reinstalled at Minute Man National Historical Park

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