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Custom Fixtures for Malaga Cove Library in Progress

Custom Fixtures for Malaga Cove Library in Progress

New Haven, CT – The Type DB, DD, and DE custom lighting fixtures and fixture replications for the Magala Cove library in Palos Verdes are in various stages of completion.

As part of the Master Plan, the design team, M2A Milofsky Michali & Cox Architects, researched the existing drawings by Myron hunt located in the Main Library Archives for any details of the original fixtures and their location since almost all of the historic lighting had been removed and replaced by fluorescent lighting during past remodeling. Also in this archive were several interior photos from the local Palos Verdes magazine that were good sources of information for the missing main reading room lights and the adjacent former children’s room light fixtures.  A site survey did determine that two types of the fixtures (the wall sconce and ceiling fixture) were original although the glass shades have been replaced over times. The other two fixtures were developed form enlarging the photos, by scaling these images, and recreating the form and detail. From these original fixtures and photos, scaled drawings were then developed indicating all the character defining details necessary to recreate these fixtures.
IN_progress1.jpgShown is the tooling on the lathe that is used to create the rings for the type DB fixtures.


Completed components for the Type DB Pendant Fixtures.


Complete Type DC fixture.


Type DD wall sconce replication.
Complete Type DB 1 Ceiling Mounted Fixture.


Completed Components for the Type DB Pendant Fixtures.


Shown are the Type DB, DD, and DC original fixtures and the replications.

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