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Dartmouth College Sanborn Library Lighting Restoration

Dartmouth College Sanborn Library – Lighting Restoration

Completed in 1929, Dartmouth’s Sanborn Library houses the school’s English department, hosts afternoon tea for students and faculty, as well as a campus study location. The Sanborn House Library features ornate woodwork, plush leather chairs and books lining the walls from floor to ceiling. It is named for Professor Edwin Sanborn, who taught for almost 50 years in the Department of English.

Grand Light was selected to restore the original chandeliers and wall sconces located on the second floor of the library. The fixtures are made of wood and are covered with ornate resin filigrees. Many of the original filigree details are broken and missing. Grand Light artisans will create silicon molds for the replication of each and every damaged or missing component.

Each chandelier will undergo an extensive process of color matching the original finish, including gold leaf highlights and an application of museum grade waxes, thereby restoring these fixtures to their original luster.


Grand Light will inspect and repair all mechanical defects, fabricate molds, cast resin decorative components as needed, and rewire all electrical components.


Missing beads on the chandelier will be replicated.



Broken bobesches and candle holders on the chandeliers will be reconstructed using a silicon mold and resin castings.

Wall sconce in the Sanborn Library.

dartmouth-sconce-damage.jpgThis broken bobesche and candle holder on the wall sconce will be reconstructed using a silicon mold and resin castings.

Follow the project restoration for Dartmouth College Sanborn Library.

For further information regarding this project you may contact our project manager:

Ryan Stockman
800-922-1469 ext 110

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