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Historic Outdoor Lighting Restoration at Edgerton Park

Historic Outdoor Lighting Restoration at Edgerton Park

New Haven, CT – Grand Light has been given the task for restoring the outdoor lighting fixtures of Edgerton Park in New Haven. They are the original fixtures to the historic park and have significant finish failure, missing glass, and missing are several components. There are a total of 5 Historic lanterns that will be restored by Grand Light and two that will be replicated to match originals that are currently missing. Phase one of the restoration begins with two of the seven lanterns which are located on the front entry columns and on on the inside of the entry gate column.

Eli Whitney was the original owner of the 22 acres making up Edgerton Park. It was later passed down to his niece, Caroline Whitney who lived on the estate in a grand Victorian house called “Ivy Nook.” In 1906, the property was sold to Frederick F. Brewster, a New Haven industrialist, who tore down “Ivy Nook” and replaced it with a Tudor style mansion named “Edgerton,” for its location on the edge of town. This property was given to the City of New Haven in 1965. The original wall, greenhouses, carriage house, gatehouse, and bridge are still standing. Edgerton Park is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


Shown is a lantern that is located on the inside of the front entry gate. This lantern will be cleaned, the missing glass will be replicated as well as the missing door that allows lamp maintenance. This finish will be cleaned and conserved.


Shown are the lanterns that are located at the front entry of the park. These lanterns will be stripped down the original metal and will be refinished. New mounting hardware and glass will be fabricated for these fixtures.

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