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EF Caldwell & Co – American Pioneer Of Metal & Light

Of historic luminaires requiring restoration, Grand Light artisans are extremely proud to restore those manufactured by the renowned Edward F. Caldwell & Company of New York City, the premier designer and manufacturer of electric light fixtures and decorative metalwork from the late 19th to the mid-20th centuries.

An American Icon & The Mark Of A True Craftsman…

Founded in 1895 by Edward F. Caldwell (1851-1914) and Victor F. von Lossberg (1853-1942), Edward F. Caldwell & Company’s legacy of highly crafted lighting fixtures, ornamental bronzes, and ironworks include an impressive range of historical and modern styles that were produced in the company’s sixty-four year history. One consistent factor throughout all of Caldwell’s lighting fixtures and metalwork was unparalleled craftsmanship demonstrated through decorative details and beauteous finishes.

The Caldwell visual and account book archives, thought to have been destroyed, were recovered in 1993 by the Smithsonian Institution Libraries and includes a collection of 50,000 images of lighting fixtures and fine metal objects consisting of black & white photographs and original design drawings.

…With The Finest Metalwork For The Most Prominent Historic Buildings…

Today, many antique Caldwell lighting fixtures can be found throughout historically significant buildings including religious and cultural institutions, public buildings, hotels, theaters, universities, government facilities, and private residences.

…Given New Life By Grand Light Artisans

There have been numerous significant projects by Grand Light artisans that included numerous priceless Caldwell masterpieces, and the process each piece underwent was significant in conserving and maintaining the beauty of the original workings of the Caldwell artisans and to preserve it for those to enjoy for the next 100 years or more.

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