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Grand Light to Restore Gowanda Historic Hollywood Theater Luminaries

Grand Light to Restore Gowanda Historic Hollywood Theater Luminaries

New Haven, Ct – Grand Light has been contracted for the restoration of the lighting fixtures of the Gowanda Historic Hollywood Theater in Gowanda, NY.

The Gowanda Hollywood Theater, Gowanda NY, opened on April 16, 1926. It was designed by the renowned architects Leon Lempert and Son of Rochester. It hosted live performances, vaudeville shows and motion pictures. It boasted marble floors, ornate plaster designs, softly lit ceiling dome and 990 seats.

In 1992, after many years of entertainment, the theater closed its doors. Water, weather and lack of heat damaged the building. Fortunately, in the mid 1990’s, the Gernatt Family of Companies purchased the theater and donated it to the Gowanda community. Today, the Gowanda’s Historic Hollywood Theater Ltd., a non-profit organization that was created for this purpose, runs the extensive restoration of the theater, striving to return it to its original glory.

Grand Light was selected to completely restore the theater’s light fixtures. Among the fixtures are 12 floral accented wall sconces, 5 large flower shaped recessed lighting, more than twenty pendant lights of different sizes, and 13 exit signs. Grand Light will clean all the components and re-wire them to meet current electrical codes. We will also apply paint as needed and replace broken or missing glass with glass that will match the originals.

We are currently in the submitals phase, preparing for the restoration.



Here are some of the fixtures before restoration as they were photographed in the Gowanda Hollywood Theater

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