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Gowanda Theater Luminaries Transported to Grand Light Facility

Gowanda Theater Luminaries Transported to Grand Light Facility

Gowanda, NY – Grand Light has been contracted to do the work for the Gowanda Historic Hollywood Theater lighting restoration project. Over the weekend the Grand Light team drove through the blizzard to upstate NY to pick up the carefully packed fixtures and transport them back to our New Haven facility, were their condition will be assessed by Grand Light professionals.

After the evaluation of each luminary, Grand Light will photograph it and document their recommendations. All the fixtures will be thoroughly cleaned, restored, rewired in accordance with UL standards. Some fixtures will need glass replacements that will closely match the original.


The theater is undergoing a large scale restoring processwallmounting.jpgThe mounting point of one of the wall sconces that will be restored. Grand Light makes sure to photograph such mounting spaces in order to analyze the required mounting hardwaretruck.jpgThe boxes are loaded in to the trailerunload.jpgThe boxes are carefully unloadeddock.jpg
With a total of 72 luminaries of different sizes, there are quite a lot boxes
ingrand.jpgThe light fixtures safely waiting in Grand Light workshop while the facility is prepared for them

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