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Gowanda Fixtures Complete Delivered and Installed

Gowanda Fixtures Complete, Delivered and Installed

New Haven, CT – Grand Light has completed the restoration on the historic lighting fixtures for The Gowanda Historic Hollywood Theater located in Gowanda, New York. Among the fixtures are 12 floral accented wall sconces, 5 large flower shaped recessed lighting fixtures, more than twenty pendant lights of different sizes, and 12 ceiling fixtures of various sizes, and 13 exit signs. This project had a total of 59 historic fixtures that were restored.

All of these fixtures were completely refinished, all mechanical defects were corrected, missing parts were replicated and put back where they were missing, and every fixture was re-wired. Once complete the fixtures were packaged and delivered by Grand Light to the theater where they were reinstalled.

Below are some photographs of a few of the different fixture types installed;


Type C Chandelier

Gowanda_2.jpgType C Fixture viewed from the baloney of the theater

Gowanda_3.jpgType H fixture located in the main entryway

Gowanda_4.jpgType D fixture located in the main entryway

Gowanda_5.jpgType R fixture located on the outside entry of the building

Type E ceiling mounted fixture located on the lower level of the theater

Gowanda_7.jpgThe main lobby of the Gowanda Historic Hollywood Theater showing the type d and type H historic ceiling fixtures.

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