Grand Light Historic & Custom Lighting Retrofits

Adapting The Past To An LED Future

Energy efficient retrofitting increases the lighting quality of an area while minimizing total energy consumption. Retrofitting consists of updating the lighting element, wiring, and components, with the intent of improving energy consumption and reducing maintenance costs. When incandescent lamps are upgraded with an LED retrofit, the result is a room that is up to (3) times brighter, savings up to 80% in annual(recurring) energy costs, and extended operational lifespan.

Savings can also be achieved through the implementation of energy efficient lamps, photocells, motion detectors, and light lifts. All of these, often in combination, can significantly reduce operating costs and provide long term return on investment.

Our Custom Retrofit & Modifications Involve:
  • Preservation Of The Historic Integrity Of A Fixture
  • Custom Components, Engineering, & Design
  • Compliant With Modern Building Codes/UL Standards
  • Guaranteed Improved Performance Of A Luminaire
  • Long Standing History of Successful, Award-Winning Projects
  • Dedicated, Full Time Project Management & Engineering Team
  • Understanding of Large & Small Projects Including Government, Religious, Educational & Cultural Institutions, Architects, Electrical Contractors, & Designers.
  • Exceptional Client Communication & Customer Service

An LED Solution For Every Situation

Integrated/Dedicated LED Solutions

Our Integrated/Dedicated LED Retrofit Modules are a customizable, high output retrofit system designed to be incorporated into a fixture’s existing housing with modification which utilize specific chips and remote drivers.

These custom LED module are more efficient & built to last an unbelievable 20-25 years…no maintenance required. LED’s we use come in warm colors: 27K – 35K. They are easily dimmed with standard equipment.

    • Pros: High Output, 0-10v Dimmable, Low Maintenance
    • Cons: Higher Cost, Difficult Replacement, Modification Required
Case Study – Restoring The Light At A Historic New York Church

Grand Light modified numerous historic pendant lights from a 1853 chartered church for an energy efficient lighting project. After significant product tests, calculations, and mock-ups; a custom integrated LED module was designed for installation in the existing fixtures which enhanced the performance of the fixture while significantly decreasing its energy consumption and maintenance.


Our LED Advantage – See It For Yourself


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