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A “Faithful” Modification – Historic Pennsylvania Church LED Upgrade

Grand Light recently completed a significant church LED upgrade for a prominent Pennsylvania community. Our artisans restored and modernized numerous historic interior pendant lights from the Saint Laurence Church Renovation Project. The goal of this project was to take the existing luminaires and utilize our LED Advantage Systems to enhance the performance of the fixture while significantly decreasing its energy consumption and maintenance.

Church LED Upgrade & Modification

The proposed LED Advantage System featured a custom internal lighting cluster developed to fit specific LED lamps for the pendant lights. These LED lamps, consisting of (6) internal lamps and (1) downlight utilized 93.5W with a maximum output of 8,270lm total and a rated life of 50,000 Hours.

It was determined that the pendant lights would be modified with custom up-lights for drastically improved ceiling light levels. The upper connector was modified to accommodate (3) additional LED GU10 adjustable up-lights with a matching satin black finish. The new LED lamps utilized 18W with a maximum output of 1,710lm total and a rated life of 50,000 hours.

Historic Pennsylvania Church Lighting Restoration

All pendant lights were completely refinished, all mechanical defects were corrected, and every fixture was re-wired and tested in accordance with UL standards.

Additionally, some fixtures were missing a bottom finial assembly which was replicated by Grand Light artisans and finished to match.

Historic Pennsylvania Church Lighting Restored

The existing fixtures were disassembled to 100s of individual components to properly repair, surface prep, and apply a new finish. An extended-life satin black finish was applied to the body which incorporated multiple applications of primer, top coats, and protective layers of UV resistant lacquer.

Historic Pennsylvania Church LED Upgrade

The end result is a uniform, beautifully illuminated fixture with increased light levels, improved energy efficiency, and easier maintenance.

For more information regarding the restoration of the historic lighting fixtures from church renovation projects, you may review our Historic Lighting Restoration Project Portfolio.


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