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Marriott Syracuse Downtown Historic Lobby Chandeliers Restored

The historic Hotel Syracuse, located in Syracuse, New York, was designed by renowned hotel designer William Stone Post of George B. Post & Sons of New York City in 1921 with the hotel built from 1922-1924. The 91-year old hotel was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2008.

As of June 2015, work on the restoration of the historic hotel had begun under Hotel Syracuse Restoration Managing Member Ed Riley, Development Director Kevin Riley, general contractor The Hayner Hoyt Corporation, and architectural firm Holmes, King, Kallquist & Associates. The hotel, officially renamed the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, is slated to open for business in the Spring of 2016 with all major historic spaces returned to their former grandeur.

Grand Light recently traveled back to the Marriott Syracuse Downtown to deliver and oversee the installation of the restored eight Lobby chandeliers. The refurbishment and subsequent return of these historic lighting fixtures marks a significant event in this landmark’s history and an important indication of the renovated hotel’s progress towards completion; a moment filmed and captured by local newsgroups.


In addition to the installation of the eight Lobby chandeliers, Grand Light illuminated the Persian Terrace with ten historically comparable custom cast brass and crystal chandeliers, as well as six wall sconces.


Historic photographs were used to accurately document and restore the eight historic Lobby chandeliers.

Hotel Syracuse Lighting Restoration 142

Silver plated and copper decorative components were ultrasonically cleaned, stripped of the original lacquer, and hand polished before multiple coats of new lacquer were applied. Grand Light artisans carefully assembled each chandelier, taking extreme care to ensure all decorative components were installed in the original locations.


Grand Light installed custom LED up-lighting into the center of each arms’ light clusters to provide the ceiling’s new aesthetics with better illumination. The energy efficient LED bulbs installed to each chandelier qualified the hotel renovation project for an energy incentive rebate program.


Transporting the large chandeliers required the use of two trailers, and a massive fork-lift was utilized to carefully maneuver the custom crates into the hotel.




Installation required the combination of lifts, scaffolding, pulleys, and ladders to safely lift and install the historic chandeliers.


Prior to removal of the existing finish via sodablasting, the chandelier’s center column and wooden swags color palettes were thoroughly documented, ensuring out artisans acheived a historically accurate hand painted finish.



Installation of the restored centerpiece Lobby chandelier was accomplished utilizing riggers and ladders to hoist and install the chandelier to the ceiling.


The new brass and crystal Persian Terrace chandeliers were assembled, wired, UL tested, and crystal dressed on-site by Grand Light artisans while being filmed by Syracuse’s WSYR-TV NewsChannel 9.


A total of ten crystal and brass chandeliers were custom manufactured for and installed in the Persian Terrace. Of those ten chandeliers, two larger fixtures were installed in the center of the room, measuring 52″ wide and adorning hundreds of crystal strands and pendants.

Custom Brass & Crystal Chandelier & Wall Sconce

Cast brass and crystal wall sconces compliment the Persian Terrace’s new elegant chandeliers and renovated decor.

Grand Light specializes in the restoration of historical luminaires of every scale, material, finish, and design. From professional diagrams and plans for your project to rewiring fixtures to UL standards, our specialists have proven their reputation as exceptional lighting restorers. 

For more information regarding this project, you may review the project homepage at Marriott Syracuse Downtown.

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