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Exterior Lantern Restoration for the IRS Headquarters Begins

Exterior Lantern Restoration for the IRS Headquarters Begins

Seymour, CT – Internal Revenue Service Headquarters stands as one of the earliest U.S. Government buildings of monumental scope located in Washington, DC erected from 1928 to 1936. This majestic French Renaissance-style structure designed by Louis A. Simon, was established in order to consolidate all IRS functions to single location. Being the most elaborate facility located within the Federal Triangle complex, The IRS Building represented the largest public building project to that point in American history.

Grand Light was given the task of restoring the 22 original exterior lanterns that are located on the IRS Headquarters. Each lantern will be bead blasted to remove all of the existing finish and a beautiful powder coat finish will be applied. All mechanical defects, and missing parts will be repaired and replicated to match the existing components. All wires will be replaced and rewired in accordance to UL standards.

IRS_Building_Restoration_1.jpgShown above is a lantern in its original location apart of the Pennsylvania Avenue Historical Site. As a staple in the heart of our nation’s capital, these lanterns are espied by millions every year. Every lantern was carefully removed and packed for safe transportation to begin the restoration process under Grand Light’s diligent care.


Upon arrival, each lantern was inspected, labeled, and grouped by type. Every fixture is meticulously bead blasted to remove all decrepit coatings. After the lanterns are stripped of its original paint, an elegant bronze powder coat will be applied.

IRS_Building_Restoration_3.jpgPrior to restoration, the lenses retained unsightly surface residue along with cracks and damages. Grand Light will adorn each fixture, cleaning all lenses and replacing those with that are cracked or damaged. All electrical components will be reworked in order to comply with current UL standards.

Grand Light is proud to be able to revitalize these exterior lanterns for the IRS, restoring a piece of a milestone within our nations rich history.

More information regarding this project can be viewed online by clicking the link for Internal Revenue Service Building Exterior Lighting Restoration.

For further information regarding this project you may contact our project manager:

Ryan Stockman
800-922-1469 ext 110

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