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Ivy League Lights Receive “Brilliant” LED Update

Grand Light spent the good portion of the summer updating and modifying the existing lighting for a prominent Ivy League School.

The Yale University Sterling Law Building, located it the heart of the Yale campus, was built in 1931 by American architect James Gamble Rogers. It bears Yale’s iconic stunning gothic style and contains equally stunning light fixtures that Grand Light was selected to upgrade from CFL to modern LED technology.

Retrofitting your existing fixtures can be a cost effective way to improve the performance of a luminaire without the costs of replacing it. In general, having historic lighting fixtures retrofitted may make the most sense to drastically decrease electric bills, energy consumption and increase the overall brightness of a room.

Energy efficient retrofitting capabilities increase the lighting quality of an area while minimizing total energy consumption. Retrofitting consists of updating the lighting element, wiring, and components, with the intent of improving energy consumption and reducing maintenance costs.

When compact fluorescent lamps are upgraded with an LED Retrofit, the result is a room that is up to (3) times brighter, savings up to 80% in annual(recurring) energy costs, and extended operational lifespan. These upgrades are a great long-term investment into overall energy savings, and many local utility companies honor rebate programs as incentives for these retrofit projects.

Grand Light’s LED Retrofit Solutions utilized numerous PLL 2G11 Base Type B Bypass (No Driver Required, Direct Wire)LED Kits, Medium Base PAR30 LEDs, and Compact HID Replacement LEDs which reduced the total energy consumption of the entire lamping configurations by half while increasing maximum lumen output with a 50,000 hours lifespan.

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