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Landmark Massachusetts State House Project Begins

Grand Light was selected by CBT Architects, Colantonio Inc, George Sexton Associates, Building Conservation Associates, and the State of Massachusetts to restore existing historic lighting fixtures while designing and manufacturing custom lighting fixtures for the Senate Chambers renovation project.

This project includes the restoration of a gigantic chandelier over 30′ tall, numerous cast brass wall sconces, and a set of beautiful torchieres located on the Senate Chambers podium. This project also includes the design and manufacturing of custom chandeliers based off a historic photograph.

Grand Light’s on-site specialists came fully prepared to disassemble, remove, and transport the historic chandelier, wall sconces, and torchieres without causing any disruption to the daily activities of the State House. Through the combined efforts and dedication of our Grand Light specialists, Colantonio Inc associates, and State House personnel, this daunting task was amazingly completed within one day.

For more information regarding the Massachusetts State House project, you may review the Lighting Restoration Project Homepage.

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