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Legacy Project Receives Detailed Evaluation Report

An important part of the lighting restoration process requires an overall evaluation including detailed documentation of all individual components finish, mechanical, and electrical condition. The evaluation often contains corrective action for any deficiencies as well as mock-ups, testing procedures, processes, and samples.

Recently our Grand Light team finished one such evaluation report for a legacy project. This 200+ page condition report documented the restoration of a historic 30ft+, 112 light multi tiered chandelier modified to accept LED lamping technology.

The shop drawing shown above was used to accurately identify all components, document any finish, mechanical, and electrical deficiencies including possible corrective actions and modifications. This drawing will also be pivotal in the reassemble process that will take place partially in factory and on-site, ensuring all components are correctly assembled with multiple circuits wired, tested, and identified for a sophisticated dimming system.

Grand Light will modify lighting fixtures to accept different kinds of bulbs or utilize modern LED technology. By utilizing a custom diffuser in combination with a rotating swivel directional GU10 socket, the design team and our engineers were able to design a lighting solution that offered enhanced light levels with fully adjustable, energy efficient LED up-lights.

Mock-ups are essential in reflecting and testing design choice, circuitry, layouts, and aesthetics by providing a realistic, physical perspective.

This large arm assembly mock-up, weighing over 200lbs and 12ft tall, was suspended from the ceiling of the factory utilizing three ceiling lifts. This provided our specialists with a complete 360 view of the three different tiers of the chandelier, providing the benefit of revealing electrical and mechanical issues that aren’t so apparent on paper.

For more information regarding the Massachusetts State House project, you may review the Lighting Restoration Project Homepage.

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