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Grand Light specializes in assisting a project’s design team in designing, engineering, and manufacturing aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, and practical solutions for historic and commercial properties.

Operating nationally, Grand Light’s lighting design services include:

    • Comprehensive survey of existing building and site lighting
    • Architectural lighting design projects, including universities, hotels, and churches
    • Exterior facade lighting for new and historic buildings as well as monuments
    • Landscape and site lighting
    • Computer modeling, rendering, and drawings
    • Lighting control design and programming

Our expertise ranges from specialist creative architectural lighting design for interior and external spaces of all kinds of buildings. Our project portfolio covers every sector, including commercial, government, education, religious, hospitality and transport hubs.

Grand Light believes lighting is the single most important element to ensure the success of a designed space. Lighting should accentuate architectural features while elevating the space. Grand Light also offers evaluations and recommendations to advance the project’s goals or completion.


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Pre-Project Planning

Our Capabilities & Processes Include:

Site Survey & Analysis - Evaluations

Historic fixtures are individually inspected and documented during a site survey. Typically, a site evaluation involves an on-site visit to examine, identify, and document the existing condition and all mechanical, electrical, and finish deficiencies of each lighting fixture
Site evaluations are common with large-scale restoration projects, and provide key insight into project cost projection, operation and maintenance considerations, design and construction principles, and required restoration processes.

What Your On-Site Evaluation Includes:

  • On-Site with Grand Light Specialists
  • Fast Turnaround For Detailed Condition Report
  • Exceptional Client Communication
grand light on site lighting fixture installation

Got a lighting project but don't know where to begin? Looking for an invaluable resource to enhance the success of a project while avoiding costly surprises? Check out our Historic Lighting Evaluation Report SAMPLE and Contact Us for an on-site visit and fixture survey to get started.

Site Survey & Analysis - Condition Report

Grand Light condition reports include inventory of any damaged or missing components or glass, noticeable structural deficiencies, electrical assessment, material analysis, and finish conditions.

Grand Light also provides photographic and line generated drawings to represent how components fit together and highlight sections and elevations showing the assembled components, or an exploded view showing the relationship between components and how they fit together.

What Your Condition Report Includes:

  • Project Cost Projection
  • Operation and Maintenance Considerations
  • Design and Construction Principles
  • Recommended Restoration Processes
  • Lamping Configuration
  • Fixture Condition (Finish, Mechanical, Electrical)
  • Existing On-Site Conditions

Got a lighting project but don't know where to begin? Looking for an invaluable resource to enhance the success of a project while avoiding costly surprises? Check out our Chandelier Condition Report SAMPLE and Contact Us for an on-site visit and fixture survey to get started.


Specification Development - Scope of Work

To specify scope of work required for a project, Grand Light carefully considers all provided information including historical studies, surveys, photographs & documentation, drawings & plans, project requirements, and mock-ups.
For new replications of existing and non-existing lighting, work shall include complete studies of photographs, drawings, and available historic information; allowing concise preparation and design of engineering drawings with complete bills of materials for the fabrication of each fixture.
Completed fixtures shall meet all applicable codes, NEC guidelines and UL procedures in accordance with the electrical contractor prior to installation.
grand light free restoration checklist graphic

Formal Proposal

Grand Light's formal project proposals include all work and recommendations generated during survey and condition report feedback. These proposals are detailed documents which outline project summery, objectives, technical approach, allotted deliveries/pick-ups, budgetary options, special qualifications, terms and conditions. Our proposals are often supplemented by illustrations including photographs, drawings, diagrams, and schedules.
Grand Light provides on-call support with our dedicated project management team, consisting of project managers and support staff, to assist in any questions, concerns, reviews, and documentation. We believe an honest line of communication and transparency enables our team to stay ahead of your project and quickly identify any potential issues that may impact budgets, schedules, and designs.

What Your Formal Proposal Includes:

  • Recommended Restoration Processes
  • Project Cost
  • On-Call Project Managers for Review and Questions
  • Budgetary Revisions with Alternative Options
  • Delivery, Pick-Up, and Transportation
  • Project Specific/Special Qualifications

On-Site Services

Our Services Include:

On-Site Services

Our On-Site Services provide our customers with peace of mind and hassle-free white glove care when handling property heirlooms.

Our Processes Include:

  • Cleaning
  • Removal
  • Documentation
  • Disassembly
  • Packing
  • Crating
  • Transportation
  • Rigging
  • Assembly & Installation
  • Temporary Fixtures


Our Capabilities Include:


During on-site survey, all existing fixtures are thoroughly photographed and documented. Based off of these findings, Grand Light provides photographic and line generated drawings. These profile drawings may be drawn by hand, prepared using computer-aided design software or a combination of the both.
All drawings are submitted for review by the project team prior to fabrication to verify that they comply with design drawings and specification.


Grand Light’s computer generated and hand drawings detail:

  • Structural Modifications
  • Damages/Deficiencies
  • Materials, Finishes & Mounting Details
  • Detailed Lamping Configuration
  • Assembly
  • Dimensions
  • Concept Sketches
  • Special Provisions

Retrofits & Energy Efficient Improvements

Grand Light has over a decade of experience modifying existing lighting systems with energy efficient retrofit kits for a variety of clients including government, religious, educational and cultural institutions, architects, electrical contractors, and designers. We pride ourselves on preserving the historic integrity of a fixture, while upgrading an existing lighting system with brighter, more efficient lighting.

Energy efficient retrofitting capabilities increase the lighting quality of an area while minimizing total energy consumption. Retrofitting consists of updating the lighting element, wiring, and components, with the intent of improving energy consumption and reducing maintenance costs. When incandescent lamps are upgraded with an LED retrofit, the result is a room that is up to (3) times brighter, savings up to 80% in annual(recurring) energy costs, and extended operational lifespan.


Our submittals include the proposed work scope supplemented with in-depth analysis of existing restoration conditions, drawings, and proposed corrections. Samples of shades, material, and finish samples are submitted for approval prior to proceeding with mock-ups.

Typical Restoration Submittal Sample
Typical Custom Submittal Sample
Typical Retrofit Submittal Sample

In-Factory Capabilities & Services

Our Capabilities Include:

Finishing Capabilities

Our artisans exercise meticulous finish techniques that are unparalleled in the processes of:

  • Proprietary Ultrasonic and Hand Cleaning Solutions
  • Walnut, Dry and Wet Soda, Garnet, and Glass Media Surface Preparation
  • Painting
  • Hand And Machine Polishing & Buffing

  • Custom Hot & Cold Application Patina
  • Gold, Silver, & Copper Leafing
  • Metal Oil Top Coating Containing Binders, Rust, and UV Inhibitors
  • Museum Grade, UV Resistant Lacquer & Wax Protective Coatings

Electrical Capabilities

In Compliance With UL & CSA Standards, Our Electrical Capabilities include:
  • Inspection and Documentation Of Existing Fixtures
  • Custom Luminaire Retrofits
  • UL and CSA Approved Wiring Methods
  • UL and CSA Approved Testing & Labeling

Mechanical Capabilities

Grand Light strives to ensure the highest quality of standards go into crafting and repair each fixture including:
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Casting
  • Spinning
  • Structural & Mechanical Repairs & Modification

Crystal & Glass Capabilities

With decades of experience in crystal and glass restoration, replication and fabrication, our processes include:
  • Cleaning
  • Repair
  • Crystal Pinning
  • Replacement & Replication
  • Crystal Dressing
  • Glass Fabrication

Additional Instructions, Guides, & Resource Information


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We like to keep our clients involved as we work for them, and keep them informed of our progress.  It’s important to us that a client who has entrusted us with a restoration be comfortable with the work we do for them; therefore, we make ourselves available to them at all times – ensuring complete satisfaction from beginning to end.  Please use our Contact Form or call us at 1-800-922-1469 to discuss your needs.

For assistance in preparing a specification for historic lighting restoration, please review the documents provided.

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