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Lionheart Gallery Outdoor Fixture Restoration Complete

Lionheart Gallery Outdoor Fixture Restoration Complete

New Haven, CT – Grand Light finished restoring an outdoor hanging fixture for the Lionheart Gallery in Scotts Corner, New York. This fixture, as was previously reported, is a large 30″ iron fixture, that suffered severe damage.

Since the fixture’s frame was in the state of nearly 100% deterioration, it was determined that it was necessary to reconstruct the fixture from the bottom up. The reconstruction of the frame incorporated original techniques of riveting were used during the original construction of the the fixture.

There were several new pieces fabricated for this fixture had been replicated based on the design of original components that we were unable to salvaged. One major component that was replicated included an oil box that was the original source of light. The only component that was salved for this replication was the top which still had the original brass filler cap. The newly fabricated oil box maintained the historical accuracy of the original, but had been modified so it could be electrified in accordance to UL standards. Other replicated components  included a duplicate of the scrolling detail on the roof of the fixture. A template had been made using as many pieces that could be salvaged in order to get the same pattern.

The door of the fixture was modified to accommodate a metal plate that was added to the bottom of the fixture. This plate was added as part of the modification made to prevent water penetration into the fixture, as it was clear the original design was not concerned with this issue. Grand Light also enforced the entire fixture was with internal supports.

When all the mechanical aspects of the restoration were dealt with, the fixture was primed and painted. A coating of lacquer was applied, and new 1/8″ glass panels were added to complete the fixture.


The fixture after being primed and inspectedpaint.jpgThe fixture paintedpieces.jpgAll the pieces are spread out for the artisan’s reassembly of the fixturebeforeafter.jpgNote the difference in the gap by the panel and the oil box withinroof.jpgNote the roof detail, it was repaired using start of 20th century riveting techniquescomplete.jpgThe complete fixture

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