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Outdoor Fixture Restoration for the Lionheart Gallery

Outdoor Fixture Restoration for the Lionheart Gallery

New Haven, CT – The Lionheart Art Gallery in Scotts Corner, New York, contacted Grand Light to restore three outdoor fixtures. Two of the fixtures are identical wall mounted lanterns, 24″ in height, these need to be cleaned, have glass replaced and a replacement bottom finial on one of them. The third fixture is about 30″ in height and has suffered severe damage from the elements.

After an extended inspection of the large third fixture, it was revealed that it suffers from a faulty design that allowed the fixture to retain water, making the damage even worse. Grand Light decided to completely reconstruct the fixture with modifications to prevent any further retention of water.

After first cleaning and braising the large fixture, some of the original damaged metal was replaced by newly fabricated metal parts, and solder was used to fill large holes in the basic frame of the fixture. The fixture door was also sand blasted and the hinges completely replaced.

The restoration work on these fixtures continues.

before.jpgThe fixtures in the Lionheart Gallery before they were sent to Grand Light
cleaning.jpgCleaning the small fixtures, the cracks were braised and patina infill will be applied to match the existing
metal_removed.jpgThe bottom and part of the frame were removed due to severe damage
braise.jpgThe iron was braised in very high heat and holes were covered in metal and soldered
replacement.jpgReplacement part were brought in to complete the fixture

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