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Marriott Syracuse Downtown Lighting Restoration News Segment

LocalSYR: “Chandeliers Restore Glory of Original Hotel Syracuse”

Grand Light’s Ryan Stockman and our lighting restoration team were recently featured on a news segment and article done by Syracuse WSYR NewsChannel 9 about the restoration of the historic lighting fixtures from the Marriott Syracuse Downtown renovation project. The article and news segment on the project can be found online by clicking here. For full details about the project including photos of the progress, please visit the our lighting restoration project page.


From the article:

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV)marriott-syracuse-downtown-article2

The renovation of the Hotel Syracuse has taken a big step forward now that the landmark has some of its important flare back.

There’s almost nothing symbolizing the luxuriousness of the original hotel like the chandeliers.

Dozens of them are now up around the re-named Marriott Syracuse Downtown, but the signature piece is the one over the reservation desk in the Grand Lobby.

Hotel General Manager Paul McNeil tells NewsChannel 9, “As you look at the folks down in the lobby taking it all in, it’s almost breathtaking.”

The chandelier was taken out months ago and brought to Connecticut for the precision work needed to bring out the splendor of the 275-pound ornate piece of art.

Ryan Stockman, Vice President of Grand Light which did the work, tells NewsChannel 9, “Just a lot of hand work, a lot of time and care goes into it, so from start to finish it’s a solid two months.

The company recreated chandeliers for the Persian Terrace, right off the Grand Lobby.

In all, 10 of these retro-looking chandeliers are up in the banquet room.

“If you look at the ceiling up close you can see bronze and gold highlights coming through and when you look at the finish on those fixtures up close you can just see everything is three dimensional. There’s a lot of depth in the room. And then it’s a nice Austrian crystal, so it really pops.” Stockman says.

The chandeliers illuminate the restoration of this grand hotel back to its original look when it opened in 1924.

McNeil says, “The story will continue. We’ll have more highlights for the community and I’m glad the passion is out there and we can share something positive.”

“We’re sad to see them go but at the same time they belong here not with us and there’s a piece of us with this hotel forever.” Stockman adds.

Between the Grand Lobby and the Persian Terrace, there are a total of 17 chandeliers.

There are a number of other chandeliers going up this week in other parts of the hotel including several in the Grand Ballroom upstairs.

Stockman says those may be even more spectacular than what is in the lobby.

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