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Malaga Cove - Type DA Fixtures Complete and Ready for Powder Coat

Malaga Cove – Type DA Fixtures Complete and Ready for Powder Coat

New Haven, CT – The final lighting fixture, fixture DA, as part of Malaga Cove’s Library expansion has been fabricated and is entering it final stages of completion. All components were fabricated using aluminum which was spun on our custom made tools, and a custom opal stepped glass diffuser was made to fit on the bottom of the fixture. Every component of the fixture was custom fabricated to be historically accurate to the components as we were able to make them out using the submitted clients photograph.

Main-area-with-Light-type-DA.jpgDiagram of Type DA Fixture
Shown above is the drawing that was recreated off of the photograph above that was submitted to Grand Light by the client for recreation.
Shown are all of the completed components assembled to serve as a mock-up to be presented to the client.
final approved glass 2.JPG
A custom stepped opal glass shade was designed and manufactured specifically for this fixture.
Shown is the custom glass that sits in the bottom ring of the fixture that will be detached so that the fixture can be serviced.
photo (11).JPG
The fixture is made using several spun aluminum components. Each component fits precisely together giving the fixture a profile of one solid unit.

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