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Massachusetts State House Cylinder Fabrication

Massachusetts State House Cylinder Fabrication

New Haven, CT – The Massachusetts State House is the state capitol and house of government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Built in 1798, the building houses the Massachusetts General Court and the offices of the Governor of Massachusetts. Located on top of Beacon Hill in Boston, adjacent to the Boston Common on Beacon Street, the building is situated on 6.7 acres of land. It was built on land once owned by John Hancock Massachusetts first elected governor, and was designed by Charles Bullfinch, the leading architect of the day. Grand Light has been awarded the contract of the fabrication of 12 custom fixtures that will be retrofitted to existing cylinders in the Great Hall of Flags at the State House.

Below is a picture of the original fixture as it stands in the Great Hall of Flags at the Massachusetts State House in Boston.

The challenge has been presented to the Grand Light team to fabricate seamless cylindrical tube that will be retrofitted to the existing fixture. The cylinder has been designed by rolling a 1/16″ thick aluminum sheet and weld it together to make a cylinder. The weld would then be cleaned and we will add a 1″ wide ring on the bottom. The cylinder will be 39 inches tall and will be 12″ wide. The cylinder will then be powder coated using a custom color that will be specified by the client.

These cylinders will then be attached to the existing brackets located at the top of the fixture using screws that will be powder coated to match the rolled cylinder.


Currently a mock-up is being fabricated and will be presented to the client for approval prior to production.

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Shown is the rolled aluminum, welded, and cleaned. Much preparation is done to the weld in order to achieve a seamless look.

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An interior view of the mock-up.


 Shown is the completed mock-up with the custom color selected by the client. The cylinder is absolutely flawless.

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