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Minute Man National Historical Park Glass Arms & Holders Replicated

Chandelier Glass Arms and Holders Replicated for Minute Man National Historical Park

When the chandelier was removed for the park, we discovered an issue with three of the original arms.  Two of the arms had cracked at the base, and one arm was missing entirely. Also missing were two glass holders which hold the 6″ diameter glass globes that rest on the end of each arm.  These missing components along with the damaged and missing arms needed to be replicated.

Glass Arm Replication
Here you can see one of the original arms in the smaller size with the crack at the base. We used a UV glue to piece it back together and in order to make a mold from it. Above the original in this photograph is our replication.

Glass Arm Replication

A close-up of the replicated arm showing the quality and clarity of the new arm.


When replicating the glass holder, which is the silver piece, a tool had to be made to make the spinning in order to achieve the seamless look and consistent form.


Once all of the spinnings and additional components are made, they will be soldered together and the copper and brass materials used will be silver plated to match to the originals as well as the other metal components on this chandelier.

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