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Minute Man National Historical Park Chandelier Missing Crystal Chains Replaced

Missing Crystal Chains Replaced on Minute Man National Historical Park Chandelier

The restoration team is currently in the process of completely restoring and rewiring a large crystal chandelier from the Minute Man National Historical Park’s North Bridge Visitor Center in Concord, Massachusetts.

Following removal and partial dissasembly on site at the park, the chandelier was driven to Grand Light’s restoration workshop, where the chandelier’s delicate arms, center column and all remaining components were photographed and cataloged. The chandelier was then completely disassembled and all components were inspected for mechanical deficiencies.

Minute Man National Historical Park Chandelier Restoration
Eight of the chandelier’s twelve original crystal chains were missing, and needed to be replaced.  The existing original crystals were incorporated into a striking pattern of 63mm baguettes, and 30mm oval jewels. The new crystals were machine cut and polished from the Czech Republic.  The new crystal chains alternate between lengths of 43 inches and 47 inches, containing an evenly distributed combination of original and new crystal components.

Over time, the chandelier’s silver plated metal components had lost their luster due to grime, dirt, and metal oxidation.  To restore these components to their original state, each piece needed to be individually buffed and hand polished.  Several of the silver plated components have been spot-plated as needed, and coated with a protective clear UV-resistant extended life lacquer.

Minute Man National Historical Park Chandelier RestorationHere, the components are seen being buffed and polished — a method of reversing damage done by oxidation and an important step in the restoration process.

After being hand polished, the components were coated with a protective clear UV-resistant lacquer, resulting in the brilliant shine seen in the picture above.

With all of the crystal chains restored and replicated, and many metal and glass components restored, a mock-up was assembled to provide a visual representation of what the chandelier will look like with the newly replaced components, and to ensure proper distribution and length of the crystal chains.

Minute Man National Historical Park Chandelier Restoration
Three glass globes with intricate patterns that were missing from the crystal chandelier are currently being replicated, in addition to the missing and broken glass arms that are also being replicated.Those interested in following the progress of this project can visit Grand Light’s website at updates:

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