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New Haven Museum Vintage Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers Removed for Restoration

Vintage Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers Removed from New Haven Museum for Restoration

Two large Bohemian crystal chandeliers from the New Haven Museum and Historical Society have been designated for a complete restoration.  The work is being performed by the restoration team at the New Haven based Grand Light. The team has completed restoration projects for Attica Prison, Yale University, The Shubert Theater, and other prestigious institutions nationwide.

New Haven, Connecticut (March 25, 2009) – This past Monday, the first of two large Bohemian crystal chandeliers was removed from the second floor ballroom of the New Haven Museum and Historical Society. The chandeliers will undergo a complete restoration, rewiring, and repair by the New Haven based restoration experts at Grand Light.

The two 16-light chandeliers were installed when the building was built in 1929. The chandeliers frames were silver plated, and in need of hand polishing.  The crystal arms had experienced significant deterioration of the compound supporting the arms to the frame.

The New Haven Museum and Historical Society (originally known as the New Haven Colony Historical Society) was founded in 1863 in New Haven, Connecticut for the purposes of preserving and presenting the region’s history. The museum has a collection containing art, photography, furniture and other artifacts from throughout New Haven’s history and regularly presents programs and special exhibits.

The Museum features exhibitions on New Haven, the Amistad mutiny, local art and decorative arts, with collections associated with Eli Whitney, Winchester, Yale, East Rock, Noah Webster, Benedict Arnold, as well as changing exhibitions.

Designed by noted architect J. Frederick Kelly, the I-shaped building is one of New Haven’s finest examples of the Colonial Revival style. The building includes a number of artifacts from demolished New Haven houses, including a mantelpiece and urns from the Nathan Smith house and a mantelpiece from the Benedict Arnold house. The Ingersoll Room in the museum is decorated with furniture and portraits from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries documenting the home and life of New Haven’s Ingersoll family.

The chandelier was carefully disassembled in place to ensure no further damage would be sustained during transport.  Crystal by crystal, arm by arm, the chandelier was slowly disassembled leaving the crystal center column left for final removal.  The entire process was carefully photographed, and an inventory of all components, both available and missing, was kept to ensure historical accuracy.

All metal surfaces of the chandeliers will be polished and a UV resistant protective top coat will be applied.  All mechanical components will be inspected and repaired as required, and all existing electrical components will be replaced with UL listed products, rewired, and hipot tested.

The crystal beaded chain, which is currently damaged, will be either repaired or replaced.  Other missing crystals will be replaced as appropriate, either with antique examples or ones fabricated to closely match the originals

The restoration work is being done one chandelier at a time and is expected to be completed in only three weeks.  Grand Light installed a temporary chandelier in the ballroom to allow the museum’s programs to go on during the course of the restoration.

Those interested in finding more information about this project including pictures can visit Grand Light’s website at

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