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Get Ahead By Starting Early…Grand Light’s On-Site Survey, Analysis, & Research

During an on-site survey, Grand Light specialists individually examine, identify, and document the existing mechanical, electrical, finish, and diffuser condition and deficiencies of each historic luminaire.

On-site surveys are common with large-scale restoration projects, and provide key insight into project cost projection, operation and maintenance considerations, design and construction principles, and required restoration processes.

All data collected is presented in a condition report, which includes an inventory of any observed damaged or missing components or glass, noticeable structural deficiencies, electrical assessment, material analysis, and finish conditions. These reports are often supplemented by visual illustrations including photographs, drawings, and diagrams.

A recent Philadelphia project consisted of an extensive on-site survey, with all existing chandeliers thoroughly photographed and documented, utilizing ladders and our 30′ portable lift.

These one-of-a-kind, historic 1920s chandeliers were constructed from bronze and featured beautifully hand-painted globe and constellation motifs.

Profile drawings were created for use in identifying the chandeliers materials, lamping information, assembly, damages/deficiencies, finishes, dimensions, mounting details, structural modifications, and special provisions.

These drawings serve as a “roadmap” during restoration by aiding in project cost projection, operation and maintenance considerations, and required restoration processes.

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