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Shrine of the Miraculous Medal Fixture Replication Continues

Replication of Shrine of the Miraculous Medal Fixture Continues

Replication for a large outdoor lantern and post from the Shrine of the Miraculous Medal in Philadelphia continues as the iron components for the lantern have been forged and the detail has been added by hand to each and every piece, very closely resembling the originals. Each component will then be powder coated in a textured black finish to match the original which has already undergone a full restoration.


Iron Component Replication

 Component in the oven reaching temperatures allowing the Iron to have the detail “scribed” into it using a hammer.


Iron Component Replication

 Another picture of the detail being added. The Iron is beginning to cool and the detail is becomes apparent into the Iron. 

Iron Component Replication

 Iron is cooled and is brushed removing any ash or remnants of the extreme heat. All components must be brushed to remove contaminants or the powder cost will not adhere to the surface. 


Iron Component Replication

 Another component with different detail.

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