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American Artisans At Work Preserving History

Big “Rings” Happening – Philadelphia’s Great Theater Restoration Project Progresses

The American Artisans Have Been Busy Restoring The Historic Lansdowne Theater Chandeliers, Pendants, & Ceiling Lights

Grand Light artisans continue their work on the iconic Lansdowne Theatre restoration project, headlined by a grand, hand-painted centerpiece chandelier.

In order to restore the grandiose historic properties of the building, the existing historic fixtures would be restored with a period-accurate finish which meant replicating the original silver-black with gold accent finish by Joseph E. Frechie, a prominent decorative lighting manufacturer from the 1930s.

Measuring over 10ft tall and with a 7ft width hexagon “ring”, prepping the entire surface of the centerpiece chandelier was quite the undertaking.

The first step in the refinishing process was media blasting to remove all surface contaminants, previous finish coatings, and achieve a smooth, uniform surface. Once blasted to bare metal, the fixtures were primed in preparation of the matching historical accurate finish.

Constructing an ingenious 360-degree rotating mounting jig, our artisans were able to hand-apply the custom silver-black with gold accent finish to the large octagon tier in its entirety.

Utilizing a combination of creativity and masterful brush techniques, our artisans were able to replicate the original Joseph E. Frechie & Co silver-black with gold accent finish, reproducing the original’s “refreshingly different color scheme and creates an immediate appeal”.

With finish work completed, a wiring diagram was planned, in conjunction with the site electrician, to map out the existing (244) socket locations and wiring for (7) circuits while staying in accordance with UL 1598 standards.

Grand Light is excited to be apart of this major renovation project to bring new life to one of the last great theaters from the 1920s! Stay tuned for more updates regarding this legacy project as we prepare to bring these historic fixtures home for the grand reopening of the Lansdowne Theater!!!

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