Harvard University – Lowell House

Historic Interior & Exterior Luminaires Restoration
Harvard Lowell House Exterior Lantern Restoration Complete

Project Info

Job Site Cambridge, MA
Architect KieranTimberlake
Electrical Contractor Lynnwell Associates, Inc.
General Contractor Consigli Construction Co.

Project Description

Lowell House, located on Holyoke Place facing Mount Auburn Street between Harvard Yard and the Charles River, is officially named after the prominent Lowell family, one of the Boston Brahmin families of New England. Designed by the firm of Coolidge Shepley Bulfinch and Abbott with a majestic neo-Georgian design and constructed in 1930 for $3,620,000, Lowell House was one of the first Houses built in realization of President Abbott Lawrence Lowell’s long-held dream of providing on-campus accommodations for every Harvard College student throughout his career at the College.

Beginning in June 2017, Lowell House will be the fifth House of twelve to receive an architectural redesign as part of Harvard’s ambitious, multiple decade $1 billion House renewal project.

Grand Light restored 100+ original luminaries ranging from large chandeliers, wall sconces, exterior lanterns, pendant and ceiling lights. These fixtures underwent several different restoration techniques ranging from cleaning and conservation of the existing finishes, to complete refinishing. All fixtures were rewired in accordance with UL standards. Of the historic luminaires requiring restoration, a majority were manufactured by the renowned Edward F. Caldwell & Company of New York City, the premier designer and manufacturer of electric light fixtures and decorative metalwork from the late 19th to the mid-20th centuries.

In addition to the restoration of the historic lighting fixtures, Grand Light designed and fabricated custom lighting fixtures based on existing exterior lanterns and a decorative ceiling light.


For specific modifications per fixture type, click the appropriate image below:

Type EX01Type EX01 Type EX02Type EX02 Type EX02AType EX02A
Type EX03Type EX03 Type EX04Type EX04 Type EX06Type EX06
Type EX08Type EX08 Type EX10Type EX10 Type EX11Type EX11
Type EX14Type EX14 Type EX15Type EX15 Type EX16Type EX16
Type EX19Type EX19 Type EX23Type EX23 Type EX24Type EX24
Type EX25Type EX25 Type EX26Type EX26 Type EX27Type EX27
Type EX28Type EX28 Type EX29Type EX29 Type EX30Type EX30
Type EX32Type EX32 Type EX33Type EX33 Type EX34Type EX34
Type EX35Type EX35 Type EX36Type EX36 Type EX37Type EX37
Type EX38Type EX38 Type EX39Type EX39 Type EX40Type EX40
Type EX41Type EX41 Type EX42Type EX42 Type EX42AType EX42A
Type EX45Type EX45 Type NW1Type NW1 Type NW2Type NW2
Type NW4Type NW4 Type NW5Type NW5

Project Case Study

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