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Hudson County Courthouse Chandelier, Wall Sconce, & Torchiere Replication

Project Info

Job Site Jersey City, NJ

Project Description

Grand Light fabricated custom replications of a chandelier, wall sconce, and torchiere that are original to the building. The replications of these fixtures were to include the use of existing molds for the different components of each fixture. However upon inspection, only a small amount of these mold were usable. In order to accurately replicate the intricate metalwork and detailing of each fixture, custom replicated components were cast using the lost wax method of replication. To greatly improve the lighting fixtures structural integrity, overall appearance, and existing assembly deficiencies in each fixture type, spinning elements were cast and combined with cast components. The custom fixtures’ finishes replicate the original luminaires and consist of a combination of a light gold patina with a matte lacquer top coat and certain structural elements painted in a gold finish to closely match the patina.

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