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Hudson County Courthouse Historic Lighting Fixture Replication Molds
Hudson County Courthouse Historic Lighting Fixture Replication Castings
Hudson County Courthouse Historic Lighting Fixture Replication Custom Patina Finish

Project Info

Job Site Jersey City, NJ
Architect Helena Ruman Architects
Lighting Consultant Ryan Stockman, Grand Light
General Contractor SMBA Construction

Project Description

The Hudson County Courthouse or Justice William J. Brennan Courthouse is a six story building located in Jersey City, New Jersey. This structure was designed by Hugh Roberts in the Beaux-Arts architectural style and built with granite between 1906 and 1910 on property obtained from fourteen separate property owners between 1905 and 1914. Construction of the building was done by the Wells Brothers and construction of the interiors and finishes were by John Gill & Son. The Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders renamed the courthouse in 1984 in honor of Associate Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan, who had served in the building as Hudson County Assignment Judge from 1947 through 1951.

A planned restoration of the building was proposed in 1961 by Theodore Conrad proposing a conversion of the building into the new city hall for Jersey City. Conrad led a citizens group that lobbied for the preservation of the building, and got it listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The restoration project resulted in the courthouse being reopened in 1985 for the use of the civil courts and other county offices.

Grand Light, teamed with SMBA Construction, of North Arlington, New Jersey and architectural firm Helena Ruman Architects, of Jersey City, New Jersey. Grand Light was selected for replicating historic luminaires for an additional courtroom that was being added in the building. The replication included very ornate, cast bronze chandeliers, wall sconces, and desk lamps that were to be mounted on the judge’s bench. Grand Light was given one of each type of fixture which served as models for making molds. Grand Light documented, then disassembled each original so they could be molded and new components cast.


For specific modifications per fixture type, click the appropriate image below:

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Type A
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Type B
Type H
Type H



Historic Luminaire Replication

The replicated ornate, cast bronze chandeliers, wall sconces, and desk lamps.

Project Updates

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