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Minute Man National Historical Park Crystal Chandelier Restoration

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The restoration team from Grand Light traveled to Minute Man National Historical Park in Concord, Massachusetts to remove a crystal chandelier in need of restoration, rewiring, and repair. The chandelier has been on display in the Stedman Buttrick House, which serves as the park’s headquarters and visitors’ center for the historic North Bridge. The Stedman Buttrick House was constructed in 1911, but the date of the chandelier is unknown. Over time, the crystal chandelier had lost its luster due to grime, dirt, and metal oxidation. The wiring had become brittle and unsafe. It originally had twelve arms, although only nine were attached to the chandelier at the time of removal. The park had the two missing arms, and each was broken. Some spears and crystal chains were also missing from the fixture. Three glass globes with intricate patterns were missing from the crystal chandelier and had to be replicated. In addition, missing and broken glass arms were replicated as well as eight large crystal chains with baguette, octagon, and heavy plain spearhead crystal pendalogues.

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