Playland Amusement Park

Historic Exterior Lighting Restoration & Replication

Project Info

Job Site Rye, NY

Project Description

Playland, often called Rye Playland or Playland Amusement Park, is an 280-acre amusement park located in Rye, New York and owned by the Westchester County government. Constructed in 1928 and designed by Frank Darling, veteran park manager with experience at Coney Island, NYC architectural firm Walker & Gillette, and landscape architect Gilmore D. Clarke, Playland was the first planned amusement park in the country.

The project consisted of restoring and replicating historic exterior pier mounts and wall fixtures located throughout the exterior grounds of the park. Each existing historic fixture was individually inspected, removed, and packed on-site. Additionally, 100+ wall and pier mount fixtures were cast replicated to match the original historic lights.

Numerous original and replicated post and wall fixtures received a new Verdigris patina finish with a UV resistant protective top coating, closely matching the aesthetics of a preserved original finish. The remaining original and replicated post mounts, consisting of the base, crown, and finial, received a new custom white, high durability powder coat finish.

Grand Light engineers designed a new prismatic soda lime glass diffuser for the post mounts, which matched the original acorn-style glass but with improved stability, easier installation and maintenance. All fixtures were wired with UL listed components, HIPOT tested in accordance with UL standard 1598, and partially assembled prior to on-site delivery and installation.


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