The Algonquin Club Of Boston

Historic Pewter 17th Century Chandelier

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Job Site Boston, MA

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The Algonquin Club of Boston is a private social club located in Boston, Massachusetts. The club was founded in 1886, with the clubhouse designed by McKim, Mead & White and completed in 1888. The six-story Indiana Limestone building was designed in the Italian Renaissance Palazzo style for the specific purpose of a private social clubhouse and not as a residence, unlike other clubs in Boston whose premises began as private residences.

The Algonquin Club’s most characteristic room is undoubtedly the Main Dining Room on the fourth floor which overlooks the Commonwealth Avenue Mall. The Main Dining Room features a massive pewter chandelier that, according to the Club’s opening day coverage in The Boston Globe, was manufactured in Holland in the 17th Century.

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