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Town of North Canaan Custom Pendants

Project Info

Project Description

Grand Light was contacted to manufacture several custom designed outdoor lighting fixtures which were installed on poles throughout the downtown section of the town. Drawings were submitted by the town to Grand Light. Upon review of the drawings, Grand Light began to fabricate the tooling necessary in order to make the components required for the custom fixtures. Following all of the tooling necessary to fabricate, complete components had emerged. All components received a powder coat finish which was identical to the production poles that the town was going to be using to hang the fixtures. The powder coat allows a protective coating on the outside of the fixtures to prevent wear from the elements. Large glass cylinders had to be made for the interior of the fixture. They provided another decorative element and had been sandblasted to diffuse the harshness of the specified metal halide lamp. Completed fixtures were each individually packaged and delivered by Grand Light to the town garage.

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