Yale University – Calhoun College

Grand Light restored historic chandeliers, wall sconces, outdoor hanging lanterns, and outdoor wall mounted lanterns for Yale University's Calhoun College located in New Haven, CT.

Yale University – Brady Memorial Laboratory

Grand Light was selected to refurbish an antique chandelier and a matching set of wall sconces that would be re-installed in the main entrance way of Yale School of Medicine's Brady Memorial Laboratory in New Haven, CT.

Attica Correctional Facility

Grand Light restored two large wall-mounted outdoor lanterns for the Attica Correctional Facility in Attica, New York. They were custom built to match the facade of the building, and had seen extensive wear and tear from exposure to the weather.

Yale University – Divinity School

Grand Light restored several massive twelve-arm iron and brass chandeliers for Yale Divinity School. There was extensive design work done to carefully recreate the Greek symbols, which decorated the iron and brass frame. The existing frame components were also repaired and replaced to restore structural integrity.

Lincoln Square Theatre

Grand Light restored historic eight-light pendants for the Lincoln Square Theatre in Decatur, IL. A team of artisans worked to artfully refurbish the pieces to look consistent with complementary fixtures on the site.

Weehawken High School

Grand Light restored historic 70 year two-light wall sconces with hand-painted mica shades bearing Theodore Roosevelt's initials for the Weehawken High School in Weehawken, NJ.

Lionheart Gallery

Grand Light was selected to clean and conserve three large outdoor lanterns from the Lionheart Art Gallery in Pound Ridge, New York. Two identical wall mounted lanterns were cleaned, had glass replaced and a finial replacement, while a third lantern was completely reconstructed.

Dakota High School

Grand Light was selected to restore and replicate components of the 40 original lighting fixtures, bringing them back to their original beauty. The restored fixtures included 11 ceiling fixtures, 15 pendant lights, and 14 wall sconces.

New Haven Museum

Grand Light was selected to restore two large Bohemian crystal chandeliers from the New Haven Museum and Historical Society which required mechanical repair, rewiring, polishing, crystal replacement and all missing components were fabricated to closely match the originals.

Springfield City Hall

Grand Light's artisans upgraded the bronze exterior wall sconces existing lamps to include 50W Metal Halide 120v Electronic Ballast retrofit in a watertight aluminum enclosure for the Springfield City Hall in Springfield, MA