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Clyde-Savannah School

Grand Light restored a massive aging chandelier which included the correcting of major mechanical defects causing 1" of sag on the bronze upper ring. Custom structural steel braces were designed and fabricated to eliminate all current and future sag in this fixture.

Orford Congregational Church

After the ceiling of the the Orford Congregational Church collapsed, Grand Light was selected to restore an original Gothic revival style gas dodecagon chandelier from the mid 1800's. The chandelier needed to reproduce the same effect as the original gas chandelier with one exception, this time the chandelier would use electricity.
Yale University Lanman Wright Hall 

Yale University – Lanman Wright Hall

Grand Light was selected to restore seven original exterior lanterns upgrade the existing lamps with modern fluorescent lighting technology. The original finish was removed to prepare the surface for a satin black refinish in addition to replacement frosted seedy glass panels.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Chapel

Grand Light restored the exterior and interior downlights and uplight luminaires for the MIT Chapel. The restoration of these historic fixtures included cleaning and repairing any minor flaws, removal of existing paint, and the application of a new refinish and a UV resistant protective top coat.

Briton Hadden Memorial Building

The Briton Hadden Memorial, also known as the Yale Daily News building, is a part of the monumental gothic streetscape of York Street. The historic lighting fixtures being restored include a large 12-light boardroom chandelier, two wall sconces located in the corridor, and an exterior fixture located above the main entrance.

Sagamore Hill National Historic Site

Grand Light restored historic fixtures at Sagamore Hill, home of the late President Theodore Roosevelt in Oyster Bay, NY. There is a total of 56 original fixtures which included several different types of fixtures including pendants, wall sconces, ceiling mounted fixtures and chandeliers.

Heritage Village

Grand Light is restoring numerous historic luminaries located throughout the interior and exterior of the Meeting House in Heritage Village, ranging from large chandeliers, wall sconces, pendant lights, ceiling lights, and hanging lanterns.

Bradley Home & Pavilion

Grand Light was selected to restore historical luminaires for the Bradley Home for the Aging located in Meriden, CT. The restoration of these luminaires included cleaning all dust and grime, lightly burnish and blend to exisitng patina with a top coat of lacquer, and the application of museum grade wax.

Washington Irving Intermediate School

Grand Light was selected to restore and refinish ten chandeliers from the school's auditorium, as well as creating custom exit sign faceplates with a matching finish.
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