Grand Light Background

Custom Pendant Lighting Projects


Yale University – Yale Divinity School

Grand Light is manufacturing several massive custom chandeliers & pendant lights for Yale Divinity School, located in New Haven, Connecticut.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Grand Light designed and manufactured custom pendant lights replicating the style of an existing interior historic fixture for the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. The pendants were constructed with aluminum and include six custom acrylic panels fitted by Grand Light technicians to each custom pendant.

Malaga Cove Library

Grand Light custom manufactured 25 ceiling lighting fixtures, 13 wall sconces and 41 pendant lighting fixtures of varying lengths. This style fixture has been custom designed for use in the library in other locations, and with a recent addition to the building, more pieces were needed.

Massachusetts State House – Great Hall of Flags

Grand Light fabricated twelve custom fixtures that were retrofitted to existing cylinders in the Great Hall of Flags at the State House. The challenge was presented to the Grand Light team to fabricate seamless cylindrical tube that will be retrofitted to the existing fixture.

Yellowstone National Park – Old Faithful Lodge

Grand Light was selected to restore and replicate the lighting fixtures from the historic Geyser Hall at the Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone National Park. These fixtures included 148 gothic-style pendant luminaires, of which 28 were replicated, as well as 40 larger luminaires of the same style.

Yale University – Branford College

Grand Light's team was selected to design and fabricate interior luminaires for the college during a renovation period. The fine details in the construction of the buildings architecture, it was essential that Grand Light make special considerations for this custom job.

Center in the Square

Grand Light was contracted to create custom made acrylic chandeliers as well as Moravian star Tiffany style pendant fixtures. The 5 acrylic chandeliers and 6 Tiffany style Moravian Star Pendants were fabricated to hang in sync with each other in the main Lobby of the Center of the Square building in Roanoke, Virginia.

Port Arthur School of Performing Arts

Grand Light had custom designed and fabricated custom lighting fixtures for the Port Arthur Independent School District - School of Performing Arts rehabilitation project. This project required 10 large, energy efficient flush mount fixtures and 5 pendant lights with similar design. The project required 10 flush mount fixtures and 5 pendant lights with similar design
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