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As professionals in our field, Grand Light offers a variety of informational presentations, consultations, webinars, and continued education courses, available to the members of the restoration and custom lighting community.

Both our remote and in-person educational sessions includes essential information about launching a restoration or custom lighting project, exclusive insight into our proprietary processes, and a peek into our innovative procedures in the art of lighting restoration.

Available Courses & Webinars

“Adapting The Past To An LED Future”

Join Ryan Stockman of Grand Light as he discusses the importance of the restoration, preservation, and modernization of historic lighting fixtures from prominent historic landmarks and properties utilizing LED technology.



“Preserving America”

Grand Light’s premier webinar series which includes essential information about launching a historic lighting restoration or custom lighting project, insight into our proprietary processes, and a peek into our innovative procedures.



“Breathing New Light into Beacon Hill”

A presentation that focused on a targeted restoration project’s history, delineated the pre-restoration process, and described the methodical project implementation, tailored to Massachusetts State House.




Advice From An Industry Expert – Grand Light’s Featured Presenter

Ryan Stockman, Vice President of Grand Light, is a nationally recognized lighting restoration expert. Backed by over 15 years’ experience within the company having held various sales, engineering, and manufacturing positions, he has led many of the company’s award-winning restoration, replication, and custom lighting projects.

Over the past decade, he has gained experience modifying existing lighting systems with energy efficient LED retrofit kits for a variety of clients including government, religious, educational and cultural institutions, architects, electrical contractors, and designers. His approach with LED retrofitting focuses on preserving the historic integrity of a fixture, while upgrading an existing lighting system with brighter, more efficient lighting.

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