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LEDs, which stands for light-emitting diode, work by passing an electric current over its circuit board through a semi-conductive material called diodes to emit light, instead of relying on heat to produce light. Grand Light has over a decade of experience modifying existing lighting systems with energy efficient LED retrofit kits for a variety of clients including government, religious, educational and cultural institutions, architects, electrical contractors, and designers. We pride ourselves on preserving the historic integrity of a fixture, while upgrading an existing lighting system with brighter, more efficient lighting.

Retrofitting your existing fixtures can be a cost effective way to improve the performance of a luminaire without the costs of replacing it. In general, having historic lighting fixtures retrofitted may make the most sense to drastically decrease electric bills, energy consumption and increase the overall brightness of a room.

Energy efficient retrofitting capabilities increase the lighting quality of an area while minimizing total energy consumption. Retrofitting consists of updating the lighting element, wiring, and components, with the intent of improving energy consumption and reducing maintenance costs. When compact fluorescent lamps are upgraded with an LED retrofit, the result is a room that is up to (3) times brighter, savings up to 80% in annual(recurring) energy costs, and extended operational lifespan. These upgrades are a great long-term investment into overall energy savings, and many local utility companies honor rebate programs as incentives for these retrofit projects.

This LED retrofit system was recently designed by Grand Light for a renowned University project, and features a 0-10V dimmable power supply, carefully incorporated into the existing fixture housing. The existing fluorescent configuration for these luminaires included (8) lamps at 50W each, bringing the total energy consumption of a total of 5 fixtures to 2,000W. Grand Light’s LED retrofit solution utilizing (8) PLL 2G11 Base, 3000k LED Kits reduced the total energy consumption of the entire configuration by half, at 19W of energy consumed per lamp, while maintaining a maximum output of 2,000lm and a 50,000 hours lifespan.

Grand Light teamed with Baker Liturgical Art LLC and Ripman Lighting Consultants, INC, to upgrade the existing incandescent fixtures from this historic church renovation project with an improved custom LED retrofit system. The goal of this project was to take the existing luminaires and design a LED specific core retrofit system enhancing the performance of the fixture while significantly decreasing its energy consumption and maintenance.

Compared to replacing outdated fixtures, upgrading offers a higher return on investment with overall savings in recurring energy costs. The system incorporates Nichia Series157 Power LEDs for up lighting and a custom tailor made ENERGY STAR certified down light utilizing the specified CCT.

Grand Light designed the assembly to drop into the fixture housing, utilizing all original mounting points and chain connections. Each assembly was sized appropriately for the size of the housing. The original incandescent lamping assembly for the large fixtures used 1580W, which is reduced to 99W total with the new LED assembly.

Not only was Grand Light able to reduce the energy consumption, the life rating was raised from 1,200 hours to 50,000 hours. As such, maintenance costs for the church were decreased greatly while overall energy efficiency increased. Now, the church enjoys improved lighting quality with their new LED configurations.

Energy efficient retrofitting by Grand Light is designed to work with your unique needs. We offer a variety of types, modifications, applications, and dimming solutions with our custom Dedicated, Screw-In, and Specialty LED Retrofits that can be installed conveniently into existing fixtures.

A recent Washington D.C. project, in collaboration with Shalom Baranes Associates, required our engineers to design a linear LED light fixture that provides energy efficient lighting with a turn key install, full range dimming from 0-100%, and optimal light levels. The existing configuration used (87) medium-base incandescent bulbs rated for 75W each. The new LED configuration utilized 26 ft of a dimmable Linear LED Light Strip, with a new max lumen output of 5358 lm. These fixtures originally used 6,525W which was reduced to 52W total using the new LED assembly.

LED Retrofitting can be beneficial to both indoor and outdoor fixtures. These lanterns, from a revered New England university project, were upgraded from their original configurations to a more energy efficient, integrated LED system.

The upgraded fixtures feature a 25W single output AC dimmable LED power supply, state-of-the-art heat sink, and a powerful Xicato XTM LED Integrated Module 19.5W downlight with a new max lumen output of 2000lm, custom fabricated for easy installation without degrading the historical integrity of the existing fixture.

Grand Light completed the historic lighting restoration of Yale University’s Sterling Memorial Library Manuscripts & Archives alongside Standard Builders and Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design Inc, which required the engineers to design a custom internal lighting cluster developed to fit specific LED lamps for the largest pendant light.

The pendant light was modified with custom LED downlights and integrated up lights for drastically improved floor light levels. The eight custom dedicated LED downlight modules consisted of adjustable accent lights with snoot and cross louver accessory in an antique brass patina finish facing downward mounted on the exterior. The new LED modules utilized 80W with a maximum output of 6,320lm total and a rated life of 50,000 hours.

The custom dedicated LED up light modules, mounted on the crown of the fixture, were four adjustable accent lights with a matching antique brass patina finish. The new LED modules utilized 80W with a maximum output of 4,620lm total and a rated life of 50,000 hours. The end result is a uniform, beautifully illuminated fixture with increased light levels, improved energy efficiency, and easier maintenance.

Our high performance Screw-In LEDs, offered in a range of bases with integrated state-of-the-art drivers and heat sinks, are compact in design and easily retrofitted into the existing fixtures housing with minimal mechanical modifications required.

Grand Light worked with R. DeVincentis Construction Incorporated to restore the historic, damp environment fixtures of the East Clinton Street Bridge, located in Binghamtom NY. To improve energy efficiency while increasing the output and optic spread a Mogul Base 120 watt, 4000K LED with Type 3 distribution was installed, ultimately saving the city time and money on reduced future maintenance and energy costs. The new lamp features a built-in heat sink, 0-10V dimmable, 50,000 hour lifetime, with a improved max output of 9,591 lm.

The renowned Massachusetts State House Senate Chamber renovation project required the development of adjustable uplights that highlighted the dome of the Senate Chamber. Grand Light engineers worked with the designers at George Sexton Associates and Colantonio, Inc., to incorporate the use of a 7W, 60 Beam LED GU10 in the original 80 lamp locations.

The Soraa Vivid GU10 MR16 lamp was engineered to replicate the natural range of sunlight, utilizing 560W with a max output of 33,600lm and a rated life of 50,000 hours. It is 85% more energy efficient than a halogen lamp, and will pay for itself in energy savings within a year. A custom shade was designed and replicated from the historic original except this shade incorporated acrylic lens to reflect light downward without interfering with the precise optics of the GU10 lamp required to properly light the dome. This lens reflected light in the glass uniformly.

For more information regarding the restoration and retrofitting of the historic lighting fixtures, and how we can offer evaluations and recommendations to advance your project’s goals or completion, you may review our Capabilities & Lighting Services.

Work on energy efficient retrofitting lighting projects performed by Grand Light is backed by decades of experience and qualification. Our goal is to ensure our clients receive more value than expected and commit ourselves to delivering the highest quality products and services possible. Recently, Grand Light engineers designed and fabricated a comprehensive LED energy efficient retrofitting solution, utilizing a combination of dedicated LED retrofit kits and screw-in LEDs, for several large hand-forged iron chandeliers belonging to a prominent Ivy League University.

The new system increased total light output while decreasing annual energy costs using a ring with screw-in. The chandelier features 35 feet of Luminii Flex LED tape lights in its interior, an LTF Dimmable LED Driver, as well as a Lucifer Lighting Cylinder CY1 for up lighting. Designed to fit in tight curves, the Luminii Flex LED strips contain 18 LEDs per foot, with a light output of 300 lumens/foot, and only consume an impressive 2.65W per foot. The custom dedicated LED uplight module, Lucifer Lighting Cylinder CY1, offers an adjustable beam to highlight architectural elements with up to 1216 delivered lumens.

In addition to the dedicated LED, we used the screw-in Archipelago Lighting 2W G16.5 lamp that is dimmable off to 100% and offers a 200 lumen output. The entire downlight utilizes 98W with a maximum output of 9,800 lumens, and a life rating of 25,000 hours.

When You Choosing Grand Light, You’ll Receive:

Long Standing History of Successful, Award-Winning Projects

Dedicated, Full Time Project Management & Engineering Team

Artisans and Specialists with Decades of Experience

Extensive Background in Restoration, Manufacturing, and Design

Understanding of Large and Small Projects

Exceptional Client Communication and Customer Service

Committed to Safety Without Compromise

The Grand Light Difference extends beyond the restoration and manufacturing process. Our word is our commitment, and we strive to earn your trust. While challenges are inevitable, we will never waiver from our commitment to exceed your expectations.

For more information regarding the restoration and retrofitting of the historic lighting fixtures from Universities & Educational Institutions, you may review the Historic Lighting Restoration Portfolio Webpage.

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