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Grand Light Restores Crystal Chandelier for Private Residence

Grand Light Restores Crystal Chandelier for Private Residence

Recently, Grand Light’s team received a crystal chandelier from a private residence that was in need of restoration. This particular crystal chandelier is a family heirloom that belonged to our client’s grandmother and she wanted it brought back to the original condition of when it hung in the families’ dining room.

Crystal Chandelier in Private Residence

This picture shows the crystal chandelier in it’s original state as it hung in the dining room of our client’s home. Our task was to bring it back to life and in order to do so, the restoration team had to clean and polish the crystal, fabricate any missing pieces, rewire the components to current UL standards, and repair or replace any of the brass parts.

As you can see in the images below, the restoration team had their work cut out for them.

Crystal Chandlier Before Restoration

Crystal Chandelier Before RestorationHowever daunting the task seemed, the restoration team went right through every little piece of the fixture and in a quick pace, the fixture started to come back to life.

Restoration of Crystal ChandelierThe brass canopy and parts developed a luster that hasn’t been present since the chandelier was originally hung and the crystals seemed to radiate and shimmer, creating an image of internal prisms.


Only a few short days later, the one-of-a-kind antique crystal chandelier was completed, much to the satisfaction of the restoration team and our client.

Restoration of Crystal ChandelierPrivate_Res_Chande_Parts_Complete.jpgAs happy as we at Grand Light were to see this chandelier finished and packed our restoration facilities had seemed to have lost a certain feeling of warmth that this one-of-a-kind provided. However, we know that the feeling and emotion that was enjoyed in our restoration facilities will be even more meaningful to our customer and we are happy knowing that our services helped provide this.

Restoration of Crystal Chandelier
Restoration of Crystal Chandelier

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