Biella Collection 4 Light Medium Brass & Crystal Chandelier

Product Description

All of the components on this fixture are made of only the finest Italian Brass from the world’s most renowned supplier of raw brass, located in Brecia Italy. Each component is hand drilled, assembled, and receives the desired custom finish here in the United States. The crystal is supplied by only the best producers of crystal from around the world. Every individual piece of crystal gets hand pinned to create the perfect fit. Dimensions & Details Lights: 4
Diameter: 13"
Body Length: 22"
Candle Cover: 3"
Wire Included: 5"
Chain Included: 36"
Weight: 10 lbs
Finish Shown: Satin Nickel
Crystal Package Shown: Oval Precision



Brass w/Umber Inlay
Brass w/Black Inlay
True Brass
Antique Black
French Gold
Antique White
Satin Nickel
Antique Silver
Old Bronze
Palace Bronze
Empire Bronze

Crystal Shape

French Pendeloque

Crystal Cut

Precision Clear
Swarovski STRASS

Candle Covers

Cast Brass Drip
Matching Brass
Pale Ivory
True Beeswax