Corinthian Collection 12" Dia Medium Brass & Crystal Pendant Light

Product Description

Lights: 6
Diameter: 12"
Body Length: 22"
Finish Shown: Empire Bronze
Crystal Package Shown: Precision


True Brass
Antique Black
French Gold
Antique White
Satin Nickel
Antique Silver
Old Bronze
Palace Bronze
Empire Bronze

Crystal Cut

Precision Clear
Swarovski STRASS

Crystal Grades

Precision Description:
Precision Crystal features 30% lead oxide content crystal prisms that are machine cut and polished. The 30% leaded crystal prisms with meticulously precise cutting and polishing gives the overall crystal package a vibrancy and color you would expect from only the world’s finest crystal. It is equal to or above the industry standard.

Swarovski STRASS Description:
Swarovski® STRASS Crystal is absolutely unsurpassed in color and brilliance, and is widely regarded as the finest quality crystal available in the world. This Ultra Clear advanced crystal is laser cut and polished into perfect geometric shapes, each with precise facets and without flaw. To protect this quality standard Swarovski AG, the manufacturers, laser engrave a tiny insignia into each individual crystal as a guarantee of quality and maker. When buying Swarovski Crystal always make sure to look for it.